Which dance style is your best match?

The world of dance is evolving everyday as new styles take root in our communities. We've gone beyond the basic colors of dance and expanded the spectrum to include new hues created by modern innovators.

With so many dance styles offered at dance studios today it can be hard to determine which style is best matched to your personality. Take this quiz to find out which dance style is your best match!

Created by: Amy
  1. When you dream at night, you mostly dream of:
  2. Your favorite music to dance to is:
  3. The best costume ever would be:
  4. The ideal dance class would:
  5. The perfect dance teacher is:
  6. The place you love to dance most is:
  7. If you could pick one person to dance with it would be:
  8. One word that describes you is:
  9. What is your favorite movie?
  10. Your favorite shoes are:

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Quiz topic: Which dance style is my best match?