Meet Me Halfway Part 1

Hey guys! So this is Part 1 of my new series "Meet Me Halfway" it's basically just a fun, teenage love story with twists and turns. I just ended my other series "They Love Me" so check that out if you want too!

Jerimiah is the guy with the hot british accent. He came from England obviously and you know, England boys are better than American boys in all aspects :D Rave is the shy one out of the bunch. He has a mysterious side that you're vying to uncover from him which keeps you wanting him more. Shayne on the other hand is the athletic guy who knows how to hang loose & he's also the funny guy.

Created by: -dannicadeezyy

  1. "Shut the f--- up." You whispered under your breathe. You were in your room trying to block out the noise coming from downstairs as your parents were fighting...again. You plugged the headphones in your ipod and started putting the music on full blast, what are you listening to?
  2. As the song ended, you heard glass breaking downstairs. You were the only child, so you were pretty much a loner in the house. You turned off your ipod and went downstairs. You entered the living room and saw a shattered beer bottle on the tile floor. Your mom was crying as your step-dad, apparently drunk, was heading out the front door. When he left, you went over to your mom and helped her up. "Go upstairs baby, you have school tomorrow." She gasped out between her tears. "Mom, let me help you." You insisted. Ignoring her pleases, you got the broom and started sweeping up the glass in the pan & threw it away.
  3. Before you went back upstairs, you double-checked to see if your mom was ok. When she said yes, you ran upstairs and started preparing what you were going to wear for school tomorrow. "Another day at school. Seeing couples holding hands and hugging eachother while I'm going to be forever alone ._. " You thought in your mind. Hours passed and you realized you didn't even get your clothes together because you were just sitting there day dreaming. "F--- it." You murmered as you closed your closet and went to bed.
  4. You woke up the next morning, checked your phone, then checked the time & noticed it was 9:30 am. You shot up from bed and ran to your mom's room freaking out, "MOM! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP?!" You shrieked. She looked up at you and you realized most of her stuff was packed. Confused, you went back to your room & noticed your stuff was packed too. "" You asked. "We're moving." She said quietly. "Why all of a sudden?" You questioned. "I filed a divorce with your dad a few weeks ago & I have custody of you. We're leaving today...surprise?" She explained. You didn't know what to feel about it, you were happy because you absolutely hated your step-dad. (He sexually abused you & tried raping you & he was an alcoholic.) Yet, you were sad because you didn't want to leave your friends.
  5. You got into a nice, hot shower & cleared your head. When you were all ready you went outside to see the Uhaul truck and a moving van. You made sure everything was in the truck and climbed into the front seat of the car with your mom. "So...where are we moving?" You asked 30 minutes into the drive. "We're actually going to move in with my sister and your uncle." Your mom said uneasy. "The rich ones? :D" you asked excitedly. "Yup, they have 1 kid too, your age. His name's Dawson. That way you won't be lonely like you were before." Your mom replied.
  6. "Hmm..Dawson. What a rich kid name." You said quietly. You turned on the radio to your favorite station and started texting all your friends saying that you were moving and such. Of course, since they were at school they didn't text back, but you didn't want them to think you were dead or something. You fell asleep, your head against the seat belt when you had a vivid dream; well more like a flashback of you when you were little almost drowning in a pool because you didn't know how to swim at the time. Ever since, you were afraid to go on the water.You opened your eyes trying to forget about it and realized you were at your Aunt & Uncle's house.
  7. There were maids and butlers getting your stuff out of the van and the truck, but you got all your stuff and carried it by yourself into the house. "Oh daamnn." You whispered to yourself. The house was amazing; with tiled and wood floors, crown molding, exquisite paintings, and all that good stuff anyone could dream about. You continued carrying the boxes and suitcase when you tripped and almost dropped everything. Luckily, someone grabbed your arm and one of the boxes and asked,"Need some help there?" You looked up at him, he was smiling (perfect teeth) and he had deep blue eyes. " I'm good." You mumbled out. "Ok then, I'm Dawson by the way. Let me show you to your room." You followed him upstairs, with all your luggage and he finally stopped in front of a room with a huge black door with a big brass handle. He opened it and you stepped inside. "HOLY CRAP." You exclaimed. You're room was freaking awesome :D It had everything you wanted in it. Well not everything, but the essential stuff.
  8. You dropped all your stuff and looked at Dawson,"this is my room?!" You asked unable to believe any of it. "Yea, pretty much." He said back with a slight chuckle. You had a chance to examine Dawson even more. He was waay different than what you that he'd look like, especially the clothes. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a v-neck, and some cool converse. He had black hair flippy hair, and wore glasses which made him look (in a none creepy way since he's your cousin) pretty hot and sophisticated at the same time.
  9. "DAWSON, ______, COME DOWN HERE." You heard your Uncle yell from downstairs. You went down with Dawson and gave your Aunt and Uncle a big hug. "Thanks for letting us live here with you guys Annette and Roger." You mom said. "Oh, it's no problem, I never liked that husband of yours anyways, what did I tell you?" Your aunt scolded. "I know, I know. Always listen to your big sister." Your mom joked. You looked at the time on your phone and realized it was 7:30 pm. "Dinner is ready." Someone from the kitchen said. Everyone piled into the dining room as waitors started serving up your favorite meal. (Fast Forward) after, you helped one of the servants wash the dishes. His name was Charlie, he was about 65 Years old, & he reminded you about your grandpa who died a year ago so you had a liking to him (again, non creepy way aha) You said goodnight and went upstairs prepared for what the day would bring to you.
  10. "Ms. [insert last name here] it's time to wake up, you have school today." Said a woman's voice. You sleepily got up and smiled at the maid you recognized as Julie, Charlie's Wife. She was more of a housekeeper, and was ooberly nice. "Thanks Julie." You said. "No problem sweety :)" she uttered as she walked out of the room. You walked over to your closet and noticed there was a whole new wardrobe of clothes! :D (your preferable style of course :D ) You picked out something you really liked, took a shower, did all that stuff for your personal hygiene and went downstairs for breakfast. While everyone was eating toast, bacon, and eggs, you just grabbed your favorite cereal from the pantry, milk, a bowl, & I spoon and started eating cereal.
  11. "Classy." Said Dawson who was sitting across from you. He smiled, and continued eating his bowl of cereal aswell. "Creep." You thought in your head. When you and Dawson were done eating, you followed Dawson to the front where there was a car parked obviously to drop you off at school. You climbed into the back and the driver asked,"now who is this young lady?" "My cousin, her names _____" explained Dawson. The driver started driving and said,"Well Ms. _____ my name's Edward & I'm glad to be of your assistance." He said tipping his hat. You smiled and said,"thanks Edward, you too." The drive was only about 7 minutes and you instantly became nervous coming to a new school. Dawson noticed and said,"It's ok, just stick with me you'll be fine we have the first 3 periods together & lunch." You nodded and followed Dawson out of the car. "Hot guys, hot guys, HOT GUYS!" You screamed in your head trying to keep it cool in the outside. Dawson was pointing out the obvious cliques, "those are the druggies, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the scene kids...this school is stereotyped into a lot of groups I don't think I could name them all." The bell rang and you followed Dawson like a dog to first period, which you looked at your schedule, Science.
  12. Dawson sat in his assigned seat, you guessed and you walked up to the teacher. Before you could even get her attention she turned around and said,"Ah, yes we have a new student. CLASS! WE HAVE A NEW STUDENT HERE, HER NAME IS ____ PLEASE HELP HER OUT THROUGHOUT THE PERIOD IF SHE NEEDS IT." "Oh wow." You muttered and you started walking to an empty desk in the back. Many people, especially girls were staring at you and it made you so nervous you tripped on your shoe and almost fell, but you didn't. "Are you alright there?" Someone asked. He was standing in front of, pencil in hand. He had brown eyes, dark brown hair, and he had a british accent.
  13. "What? Oh yea I'm fine." You said slightly blushing, with a smile. He smiled at you back and introduced himself,"I'm Jerimiah" He held out his hand. You shook it and said,"I'm ______" "Jerimiah, please go sharpen your pencil now so we can begin the lesson." The teacher ordered. "Pleasure meeting you" he said with a smile before he passed by you to sharpen your pencil. You could tell you were bright red and you hurried to get to your seat.
  14. After first period, you followed Dawson to second which was math. Nothing really special happened there. Time went by. After lunch, Dawson directed you to fourth period in which you didn't have him there. You went in and chose an empty seat. Before you knew it a boy ( specifically hot boy) was sitting next to you. "Oh, hi I'm _____" you said. He glanced at you and murmered, "I'm Rave." "Rave? That's a cool name." You said cooly. He brightened up a bit, smiled, and said,"Thanks." Rave had more of an 'emo' look but you could tell he wasn't ...just mysterious.
  15. The bell rang once more and you were trying to figure out where your next period class was when someone yelled,"HEY WATCH OUT!." "Huh?" You turned around and BAM! A football hit your boob. "OW!" You said aloud. The guy who threw it came over to you and said,"are you ok? Where did it hit you?" " stomach." You said embarassed to say it hit your boob. "Oh...well I'm sorry, I'm Shayne by the way." "I'm _____" you said. "Well sorry once again but I'm going to be late for class." Before he left you called out,"Wait! Do you know where Ms.Carvalho's class is?" "Oh yea, I have her right now, I'll walk you there." Cool." You said, but extrememly excited inside. "Cool." He replied smiling. You two walked into class and sat down. Boring. Except for the fact that Shayne kept making funny faces at you. :)) You met Dawson after school & Edward drove you two home. Exhausted from the day, you went to your room and said to yourself,"I'm going to enjoy this place."
  16. Sorry it was so long! I had to introduce all the characters first, next one will be where it gets all cute. So anyways, who are you interested in right now? ;)

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