magic and boys part 11!

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okay! This is part 11 of magic and boys! Comment and rate! I ran out of stuff to say! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm! lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal!

so find out what happens next in part 12.uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh! la de da de da! *goes off in her own little world* huh? what were we talking about? Oh yeah! i remember now! Peace!

Created by: fireprincess1996
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  1. You wake up by Fang.You get up.You have a major headach for crying so much.You go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.You mascara is smeared and you have tear streaks.You brush your hair and brush your teeth and fix your make up.
  2. Your done so you walk back to your room and Fang is gone.You head downstairs and go in the kitchen.You try to find the ibprofin when Max walked in. "Where's the ibprofin?" You ask. "Right over here." He says and open's a cabnet. You already looked in it and you didn't find it.
  3. you sigh and walk over there and grab the bottle. "Thanks." You murmer. "You okay?" He asks. "Yeah." You say and give a fake smile. "Okay." He says but doesn't look convinced. 'I'm jjust going through a lot.' you send him a thought. He nods. 'i'll give you your space if you don't want to talk about it.' He thinks. You smile for real this time. "Thank you so much!" You say and hug him.He hugs you tightly.
  4. You let go and take two pills.You go to the fridge only too find nothing you want,so you go to the freezer and find waffels. (any kind you like).You find the toster and plug it in and toast two waffels.
  5. You sit down for a couple minute's then your waffel's pop up.You grab a plate,the butter,and the surrup.You start eating when Alex walks in.
  6. "Morning." He mumble. '_________,please talk to me.' He thinks. 'There's nothing to talk about.' you think back.He looks at you.You look back.Your face is emotionless.It look's like he's trying to read your thoughts. 'Yes there is.' He thinks. 'Maybe there is but hey it's not like i have a friend to talk about them to.' you think and your face is still emotionless.
  7. "Your so stubborn!" He yells and leave's the kitchen.Max look's at you.You shrug and look at your food.Right as Alex walks out Fang walks in.
  8. "What was that about?" He asks. You shrug.Fang goes to the fridge,then the freezer and get's frozen waffels. 'We need to go get more food.' He thinks. "I'll go then." You say and Max and Fang both look at you in suprise. "What?" They both ask at the same time. "I'll go to the store." You say. "Okay,one of us will go with you." Says Max.
  9. "No!" You say and they look suprised. "I want to go alone,and you know,think about things." You say. Fang hesitate's. "Okay." He says finally. "Cool.I'm gonna go now." You say.
  10. Fang give you some money and you go upstairs and put on your go downstairs and open the door. "Where are you going?" You hear Alex ask but your already out the door.You see your mustang in the driveway.You run up to it and get in it.The key's are in the ignition so you start it. 'Are you running away?' Alex asks. 'No i'm going to the store.' You think back and pull out.
  11. You find a store and go in.You look around and buy water,stuff for sandwitches,chips,etc.You are done and you check out and payYou loadd your mustang and get in it.You drive back to the house.You walk in it and hear glass shattering. "She wouldn't be so distant if you would have just let her talk to Jay!" You heard Fang yell. You silently put the bags by the door and walk a little bit towards the kitchen.
  12. "Jay could betray her Fang!" Yells Alex. "Guys just drop it! You've been doing this since she left!" You hear Max shout.You stay silent and continue to listen. "No Max! You need to just stay out of this!" Yells Alex. "Yeah! This is between me and Alex!" Fang shouts.
  13. You hear a growl and cloths ripping.There is a window on the door so you peek a little.You see Max in wolf form,you can see Alex's fangs,and Fang looks really mad.Max attacks Fang and Alex bite's Max.Max whimper's and falls to the ground.Fang fell to the ground but stands back up.Alex looks scared,so does Fang. "Man!Now look what you did!" He shouts and pushed Alex.
  14. You scream and push open the door. They all look at you. "You idiots!" You scream and run over to Max. "_______,i-" Alex begins but you cut him off. "Just shut up! I've had enough of this!" You scream.Tears begin to fall down your cheeks.The boys don't talk.You don't know what to do so you look to see where Max go bit at.He got bit in the neck.(0f course)
  15. You stand up and think for a minute then you find the first aid kit and you start to bandage up his neck.Your done and you stand up to walk out but Fang grabs your arm.You shake it off and walk out.You walk upstairs and slam your door shut and lock it.You pace back and forth thinking of what to do.
  16. Then you got it.You grab a bookbag and stuff clothes in it.You put your phone in your pocket.You left your keys in your ignition.You Jump out your window and run to your car.You jump in and put the bookbag in the passenger seat.You start your car and leave the house.You don't hear from Alex which is good.
  17. okay thats it for part 11! Comment and rate! C ya later!

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