Loved or Hated (part 1)

Yeah so you might think that this is just like the Dream Story or the Which will fall for you, but its not, its something that i totally thought of myself and is nothing like the other 2 continuous ones. Its different because i know these people, and they are really cool (minus cole) but anywayz, they dont know that i made this quiz and im gonna laugh when they find out.

So its about these 4 guys, Tyler, Brady, Derek, and Cole. If you wanna know more then your just gonna have to take the quiz and live with it. Hopefully its just as addicting as the Which will fall for you. I love those, the author is ahh-mayy-zingg.

Created by: xXlovehateXx
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  1. Normal day at school when you see The Group. They're the hottest guys at school and they're walking towards you. You immeadiately notice ______ !
  2. Surprisingly, they walk up to you and Brady starts up a conversation. (its lunch so your sitting down) "Hey____ whats up" he says. you reply "____________"
  3. Tyler laughs and goes " Sorry but you have to come with us, you know you want to so come on" they start walking away and Brady waits for you.
  4. Naturally, you flaunt what you got and walk straight past the guys when Cole says "Genius, you're going the wrong way" you _______
  5. You all get into Brady's car, a Mercedes, and you hope to sit next to _____
  6. Brady drives you to Cole's house and Cole just immediately gets pissed. "Why the hell did you bring her to my house ?!" "well its safer than any of ours" brady screams back at him.
  7. "Well, we THINK that the Terranormals are after you and ---"Brady said. "Dude SHUT UP"yells Tyler. You just sit there in amazement.
  8. "Ok, i wanna know whats happening and i wanna know NOW. Someone tell me or i swear to god" you say. _____ looks at you and decides that he'll tell you exactly whats going on. Who tell you ?
  9. He tells you that there are people in the world that have powers and they are said to kill off certain humans. These people are called Terranormals. Unfortunately you're on the Hit List. How do you feel?"
  10. You're standing there wondering why the heck your even on a hit list when Derek, the usually shy one, comes up and gives you a hug.
  11. Well,l thats it for now, i'll make part 2 ASAP byeee !

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