Loved and Undead Part 3

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  1. We left of..."I'm afraid you won't be leaving." Melody announces. "Melody, what is the meaning of this?" Sam demands. "Why it's a noun sire, indicating-" "I meant your treachery!" "Oh, silly me." She says, and you're not sure if she's playing stupid, or just plain stupid. "You see Sam, we all would like you to stay." Melody says and the three other girls giggle in excitement. "Michael is particurally interested in the girl." She says pointing to me. "No one's gonna lay a hand on her." Adrian says then clenches his fists. Melody turns to one girl with a pink fish tail and black hair covering her eyes. "Jasmine, didn't you say you had dibs on him?" Melody asks casually. Jasmine grins evily and lunges at Adrian with amazing speed, grabbing him and dragging him out the door. "Hey!" You yell. One brown haired girl with gold eyes and a green tail grabs Jason and drags him out the door like Adrian. One girl with overly long blue hair, green eyes, and a red fish tail does the same with Sam. You and Zion are the only two left.
  2. You choose to say "Crap". Michael lunges at you, but before he reaches you, a huge, eletric eel wraps around him and shokes him, making him pass out. Melody swims for the door, but Sam grabs her wrists and the eletric eel shocks her. Jason and Adrian swims back in. "How?" You ask. "This is Sparky, he freed us." Sam says, patting the eel on the head. "Sparky?" You ask mockingly. "I was five!" Sam protests. "We better get outta here." Adrian jumps in. "You're right we...oh God, we have to leave NOW." He says then grabs my hand and we swim to out of the entrance. "Why are we in such a hurry?" Zion asks. "Those flowers won't last much longer!" He says. You all swim frantically out the cave (btw, Sam let go of ur hand) and toward the surface. You can feel the magic wearing off, so you hold your breath. You're about fifteen feet from the surface when your foot gets caught in a tangled mess off seawood. You try to get your foot free, and eventually do, but you can't hold your breathe much longer. Sam turns around to see you, and notices you're behind. You try to breathe, but let water into your lungs. Your vision goes black and you start to sink.
  3. Your eyes feel like they're sealed shut, but you can hear voices. "-not good." Sam's voice says. "Who made up the dumb rule that if you're already dead and drown, you get put in a FREAKING COMA?" You hear Adrian ask. "Well, we need to do something!" Zion yells. "I'll give her mouth-to-mouth!" Jason volunteers excitedly. "I don't think so, if anyone should, it should be ME." Sam's voice says. "Why you? I love her more!" Jason protests. The guys get into a huge argument, so you decide to pass out. Don't ask how you did, just be grateful. You wake up again, which seems like minutes but you hear: "-a whole week, who knows how longer it'll last." Zion says sadly. "Are you sure her concious is still there?" Jason asks. "Yes, see. Her eyes are moving behind her eyelids, and her mouth twitches sometimes." Zion tells him. There's silence for a moment. "I know you've been sneaking in here." Adrian suddenly accuses someone. "I have not!" Jason yells. "Please, we've all snuck in here!" Sam says. Silence again. "Do you think she can hear us?" Sam asks. "I think so." Adrian answers. You feel weird that you can hear them and they're all staring at you right now. Creepy. You try to say something, and you feel your lips move. "Look!" Adrian says. You mouth the word "don't". "Don't what?" Zion asks. You mouth the word "fight". "Don't fight?" Sam asks you. You nod your head a little, still unable to open your eyes. "She's right, fighting won't solve anything. She's the one who has to make the choce." Jason says. Load of pressure, there. You pass out again. If passing out while you're in a coma is possible, anyways. The next time you wake up, well, you wake up. Your eyes open and you're sitting in a hammock on the porch of some beach house overlooking the ocean. You smell tropical fruits and...beef jerky? You get out of the hammock and feel suspiciously lighter. You look down and see you've lost about five pounds. Making you like, a size zero rather than a two. You're wearing a fluffy blue robe and your hair is ties in a ponytail. You follow the smell of beef jerky to a campfire(even though it's not camp) in the back of the beach house. Five lawn chairs circle around the fire. You here a clanking sound, like someone just dropped a tin plate. You turn around and see Zion on the back porch with a tin tray at his feet and little shish kabobs scattered on the floor. His face is in astonishment, then he smiles and runs to hug you. Instead, he practically glomps you and kisses you on the lips. So much better than the first time he did if I may add.
  4. "I thought you'd never wake up." He tells you. "How long was I out?" "A week and...four days, I think." "THAT long?" "Yeah." Just then, Adrian walks out the back door. "Zion, why is the tray-" The Adrian spots you. He rushes toward you ang glomps you, suprisingly. He lets go suddenly and blushes. "I-I, uhhh." Adrian stammers. You tell him it's okay. Sam and Jason walk out the back door, see you, and hug you at the same time. "Jez! I'm so happy you're awake!" Sam says then kisses you on the cheek. Adrian scowls at Sam and looks away.
  5. The boys tell you how the past week and a half, they've been keeping you safe. They haven't really figured out HOW to bring your soul back exactly. "What?!" You yell. "All we knew was that all four of us were needed." Jason claims. "So you have NO clue where or how to bring back my soul. Any idea how we can find out?" The boys exchange glances and look at the fire. "Okay, I know you know where, so just tell me!" You command. "We, uh. Would have to visit..." Zion begins. "WHO?" You demand. "This a woman who guards the Book of Life." Sam answers. "A woman, so? I won't get pissed off because we have to visit a woman." You reassure. "It's not just any woman." Adrian says both angrily and sadly. "Who is she?" You ask. "Aphrodite." Zion says in a whisper. "Oh, you guys, it'll be okay. I won't get jealous and I'll make sure she doesn't take you." You say laughing. "We're worried about YOU, she probably will get rid of you or something." Jason says. "You don't know that, maybe she's nice." You reassure. The boys look up at you, all of them smiling. Between all four of them looking at you with their different colored eyes, and them all smiling. You completely MELT. Again, not literally.
  6. That night, you go to sleep in the hammock on the beach house's front porch. You fall asleep instantly, but in the middle of the night, you hear the creaking of the floorboard. You close your eyes and pretend to be asleep. A warm and tender hand brushes the hair out of your faces and pecks you on the lips. You keep your eyes closed. "See you soon." An unrecognizable voice tells you. You open your eyes, only to see no one around. You fall back asleep and dream your being chased by man-eating doves. Don't ask why. You wake up and bonk heads with Jason, who was face-to-face with you. "Were you just going to kiss me?" You ask. "Yep." He says with a grin playing on his lips. You kiss him on the cheek and pass him into the house. It's what any beach house normally looks like. Surfboard hanging all over the place, cozy couches scattered around the living room. No TV, but you don't care. You see Zion on the couch drinking a smoothie. "Sup?" Zion asks. "Nothing." You say. You hear whispering coming from the kitchen. You lean against the door and press your ear to it. "-right thing to do." Sam's voice says. "But, erasing her memory?" Adrian asks him. "It's the only fair way, this most be scaring her enough. As soon as we get her soul back, we HAVE to wipe her memory!" Sam hisses. You back away in shock and bump into Zion. "What's wrong?" He asks with a smile. "Uh...just thought I heard...termites." You lie. "Really?" "Yea, but I was wrong." You say then nervously walk out the back door. You sit on one of the patio chairs.
  7. Cliffhanger! Cause I'm tired and wanted 2 finish this tonight!
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  10. Last Question: Fav use of transportation?

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