love story, which one will you fall for? part 2

now here's part 2 of love story, which one will you fall for? this one is way interesting than the first one. so as you go on, the interesting it gets as you read. try it, you won't regret it

which one will you fall for? edgar the emo, dustin the muscular, adam the quiet, or justin the brains? just take this quiz and see who you fell for. if you are glad with your results as the 1st on then get ready for this 2nd part!

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  1. you see justin holding you and you see darkness going around.
  2. "i have to show you something" "show me what?" "just take a look" you see a crystal ball and you see yourself as a baby
  3. "how did you get that?" "this ball can see anything about our past. now we are looking at yours." "who are those 2?" "that's your parents."
  4. "but they're not my parents." "yes they are, they gave you away cuz they were in grave danger." "what kind?" "i don't know how to tell you."
  5. "years ago right when you were born, they had a deal. if they gave you away, they would die but you will live. but if they keep you, you die and they live. they decided to give you away. but..."
  6. "but just so you won't know that you were adopted, they had the power to change your face into you foster parents' face." "then?"
  7. "but we don't know what your power is yet. you're a late bloomer." "then how long is it going to be?" "well i think its going to be tomorrow."
  8. "you can see the future?" "yepp but i can also make everything dark like right now. whoa, my time is way up. laters"
  9. "hello." "who are you?" "it's me adam. so i guess justin told you your history right? well after they gave you away, they went to their home planet and there they were killed."
  10. "why did they have to die?" "cuz in their home planet, babies that are not chosen shall die or the parents will. so they decided that you should live you life and..."
  11. ok that's all for now!!! wait for part three!!!

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Quiz topic: Love story, which one will I fall for? part 2