Love story part 1

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Created by: ICONiac16
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  1. (you're name for now is Ashley) You wake up and get ready for school! You are walking to school and you see a really cute boy. "Is he new or what?" you think to yourself.
  2. You walk up to him and ask him his name. He says,"Hi my name is Drake." you start talking and walking to school! He is not tall but not small. He has blonde hair and blue eyes! He seems really nice!
  3. You ask him what classes he's in and turns out it's in the same classes As yours! Well exept for three classes. Finally school is finished and you start walking home when someone taps you on rhe back. Scared you turn back and you see it's Drake. "You scared the cheese out of me!" he says sorry and you two walk together!
  4. It's Friday and you are super late to school! So you ask youre mom to take you to school. Your teacher gives you detention for being late. It's lunch and you have to go to detention! You walk in and there is only a boy there! It's been 5min. Since detention started.
  5. Dgs
  6. 8
  7. 9
  8. Hi
  9. Eleven
  10. Finally

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