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Hi Quizzers! Haha, I just made that up. Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy this quiz, it is my fourth in this series.......................... I really hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!

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Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. So, remember: You just got back from the party, Andre carried you in and kissed you goodnight. Then, when you looked out your window, you saw Vilkacis turn into a werewolf. Right? Do you remember?
  2. Okay, we need to clear up a few questions that some people have been asking.
  3. Question 1: What does Vilkacis mean? Well, children, (LOL!), Vilkacis means werewolf in another language. Make a new tab, and google it!
  4. Question 2: How is Dustin dead? Well, I was going to tell you in this quiz, but some of you are probably dying to know. Here's why: Dustin had a sad life, and got killed when he was young and hadn't met his "true love" yet. So, he got a chance to be alive for one week, then he had to disappear.
  5. So, you got it?
  6. Okay, so we start: You went back to sleep and had a dream about Vilkacis.
  7. You woke up to the sound of your alarm clock. BEEP BEEP BEEP. You wish you didn't have school today. You need a break.
  8. You get up, and do everything you need to do. Eat, brush your hair, etc. When you go to pick out your clothes, you pick......
  9. You realize that your brother hasn't gotten up. So you go to his room and see your brother holding a bloody knife, panting, with Vilkacis on the floor, bleeding probably right where his heart is.
  10. Your brother looks at you, and jumps up and says, "Look, I didn't mean to!!!!! IT WAS ON ACCIDENT!" He is pretty much in tears. You say, "WELL YOU PROBABLY JUST KILLED VILKACIS!" Your brother looks confused. "What? How do you know him?" now your confused. "He's are neighbor, how could you not know?" Your brother looks shocked, and disgusted in himself. Then angry. "Well, he tried to rob me! My wallet was sitting right there," he pointed to his dresser. "And he was looking in there. He was going to take my money." Your mouth formed a literal O.
  11. "Well....... why would he do that?" Then, you actually remember that he is there, lying on the floor, dying. You hurry over to him. His eyes are shut, and his chest is gushing blood. "Let's get him to the emergency room! NOW!" You and your brother each help pick him up, and put an arm over you guy's shoulders.
  12. You carry him outside, and you see the Carson's. Charlie and Andre had drove here to pick you up, and were already out of the car, heading towards the door. When they saw you, holding bloody Vilkacis, they were so surprised. "What happened?" Charlie asked. "HOLY CRAP!" exclaimed Andre. They helped you set Vilkacis in the back of your brother's car.
  13. Your brother said to you, as he climbed into the drivers seat, "Sophie, I'll take..... um... Vitasince to the hospital. You go to school."
  14. Your brother ends up making you go to school. Andre and Charlie lead you to their car. Andre drives and Charlie sits in the back. Where do you sit?
  15. Wherever you end up sitting, the boys take you to school, secretly taking quick glances at you every now and then.
  16. You guys all get a late pass, and head to your classes. Your first class is math, and Andre is in your class.
  17. As you guys are walking to class, Andre asks, "You do know why Dustin disappeared right?" you nod. (Remember at the beginning of this quiz? Dustin had a sad life, and got killed when he was young and hadn't met his "true love" yet. So, he got a chance to be alive for one week, then he had to disappear.) "So, you do know that you could possibly be Dustin's soulmate?
  18. You are surprised (probably), as you sit down in math class, giving Andre a quick goodbye wave. You can't concentrate in class, and the rest of the day seems to go in a blur. Andre and Charlie each give you a kiss on the cheek after they drop you off at your house.
  19. When you open the door, you see......... VILKACIS! He is sort of smiling, sort of looking like he's in pain. "OMG! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" you half yell, half ask. He is pretty much whispering. "yes..." Then, suddenly, walks towards you, and kisses you. "I can't be with you anymore." he says sadly, and runs out the door, becoming a wolf in the blink of an eye, and runs towards the forest.
  20. Last question: Who do you love?

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