Love Story by PandaGirl 3

Here's the third quiz. You are Sophie, and have met the Carsons, and will hang out with Vilkacis. I hope you enjoy the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will learn some secrets in this quiz, that will leave you shocked. Please rate and comment!!!!!!! AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. So, recap, here's the last sentence of the previous quiz: He smiles, no matter what you say, steps towards you, and..... whispers in your ear: "My name is Vilkacis..." You smile, and whisper in his ear, "My name is Sophie...." He pulls back, smiles at you. He grabs your hand and says, "Follow me!"
  2. He runs out the front door, holding your hand tight. He runs down the street. He runs towards the forest..... He keeps running and then suddenly stop. You bump into him, and then are embarrassed. He smiles and says, "It's okay." Then he puts his hands on your hips, and for a moments just looks into your eyes, then picks you up.
  3. He carefully carries you to the middle of the forest. He tells you to look up. You do. You see the sun, almost directly upward. When you look back at him, you see he was looking at you. You are wondering why he took you here...
  4. He says, "I sometimes come here at night, and look up at the moon. It's almost directly upward. I love looking at the stars. I could literally just look at them for hours..."
  5. "OMG!" you yell. "WHAT TIME IS IT?" He looks at you surprised, then says, "Um... I don't have my watch on, sorry. Why are you wondering?" "I have a party I need to be to! I have to be there!" you say. You feel bad, having to leave him, but you NEED to get to this party!
  6. He looks sad, but quickly picks you up, and starts running. He definitely knows his way areound the woods! He gets you to your house quickly, and you hurry inside, Vilkacis right behind you.
  7. You look at the kitchen clock, 6:30. THE PARTY STARTS AT 7:00! OMG! YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE!
  8. You hurry and run up to your room, Vilkacis following. You go into your room and shut your door, righ into Vilkacis's face. You quickly open it again and say, "Sorry, I have to change!" He nods. You shut the door again. What do you change into?
  9. How is your hair?
  10. You put on your jewelry, and walk out. Vilkacis is outside, and when he sees you, his jaw drops, and right then, he knows that you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen! You smile. He asks, "Can I give you a ride?" you say, "My friend was going to pick me up and 6:45, sorry." He looks dissapointed, but he smiles anyway and walks down the stairs with you. You are very proud of yourself, only taking about fifteen minutes to get ready!
  11. When you look out your window, your friends are there. You see Hailey, Stacy and Tori. You say goodbye to Vilkacis, and he leans in and looks like he is almost going to kiss you.....
  12. But he just whispers in your ear, "Don't forget me." you smile and whisper back, " I won't!" You walk out the door, and go into the car. When you look back at the window by the door, Vilkacis isn't there. You frown.
  13. You guys leave, and talk about the party. You are really excited, right?
  14. When you get to the party, you see TONS of people! You greet Tasha, and go get some punch. When you turn around...
  15. And you see... the Carsons. They are all smiling at you. "What's up?" you ask them. "Nothing much." they all say. They love your outfit, by the way. "Will you dance with me?" they all say at the same time.
  16. You end up dancing with all of them, since they were pretty much begging on their knees! You go to chat with some friends, until you feel a hand grab your hand. You turn around to Dustin. He pulls you away, to a corner, where no one else was. What is this about?
  17. "Sophie, it's time for me to tell you....."
  18. "I'm actually....."
  19. The next thing you couldn't hear, because he said it too quietly, and the music was too loud. You look at him, and say, "What? I couldn't hear you..." "I'm.......... dead."
  20. "It's true," he says quietly. "Do you want me to explain?" you shake your head. "I need some time to... absorb all of this." He nods. "Okay. See you later then?" you barely nod, and walk away. Is he playing a trick on you? No. You could tell he was telling the truth. Has he told everyone else? If not, why just you? You were so confused. Then suddenly, you felt a tap on your back. Charlie. "Will you dance with me?"
  21. You go and dance with Charlie, and you hear your favorite song! You say, "Omigosh, this is my favorite song!" you start dancing, and he does too. He says, "Really? It's my favorite too!" You dance through the whole song, but then....
  22. There's a slong song on, where you have to slow dance. He blushes, and then slowly puts his hands on your hips, as you slowly put your hands around his shoulders. It was very romantic......... You laid your head on his shoulder and shut your eyes. You could dance with Charlie forever.
  23. After the song is over, you both awkwardly walk off the dance floor, even though you guys both had an awesome time. Then..... you see.... Dustin walk out the door. You go to the door, and walk out. You follow Dustin, into a garden. He sits down on a bench and looks at you, like he knew you would follow. As you sit down, he leans in, and kisses you. Gently. You kiss him back. Again. And again, and again........... You realize how much you love Dustin. Then suddenly, he puts his hand on your cheek, and looks at you. His last words were, "I love you..." before he dissappeared.
  24. You go back inside, pretty much crying. Andre sees you and rushes over. When he sees that you are crying hard, he kisses you on the cheek. "What's wrong?" you rest your head on his shoulder. "Dustin... is.... g-gone..." Andre looks at you. "R-really?" you don't answer, just keep crying. "Oh... no...." Hey says. You go and sit by him on the stairs. You fall asleep, with your head on his shoulder.
  25. You wake in your driveway, Andre carrying you inside. He sets you in your bed, (your parents still aren't home) and kisses you lightly on the lips. You kiss him back, then he leaves.
  26. Then suddenly, you hear a scream and look out your window.
  27. You see Vilkacis turn into a wolf, and run into the forest.
  28. Who are you in love with?

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