Love Sparks Part 2

Yo yo yo! Its ya girl tiggerluvsya3315 in the house!!!! So so what's up? Anything new? I got my time to make this and it had to be short so sorry. I had.....

To hurry because I had to study for a math test. Tomarrow I'm gettin a arrowd from my school for some reason...have no clue why. Ahhhh!!!!! Idk I'm weird

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Recap: met hot guys,yelled at Sydney.
  2. Recap: met hot guys,yelled at Sydney.
  3. You run upstairs and you slam the door. You look around and you noticed how beautiful your room is.(think of your dream room but with a balcony.) You go to the balcony and you looked down. You see a criystal clear pool. You think about Sydney and you start to get mad. You look down more and you trip and you fall off.
  4. You scream and your waiting to die but you don't. You look down and your about to the grond when you land on soemthing warm and very strong. You look over and you see Derek holdong you in your arms. You see DJ,Noah,Devin,Lauren,and suprisingly Sydney. "Hey you ok?" Asks Derek. You nod and he let's you down even though he's so warm. "DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU HERE ME!?!?!?!?! I DON'T CARE IF YOU WANT TO COMMINTE SUCIDE OF YOU TRIP I DON'T NOT WANT YOU TO DO THAT AGAIN YOU HEAR ME??!!!??!!" Says Derek. You nod and you start to cry. "Oh _______ stop crying you little b***h!! Take the heat!" Says Sydney. "Oh shut up you little nasty s**t!!!!" You say. And you run inside to your room. Again.
  5. You slam the door. Again. And this time you went on your king size bed and you go to sleep.
  6. You wake up to see Devin sitting in your room. "Ummm......." you say. He turns around. "Hey sleepy head! You were asleep for awhile! We thought you were dead!" "How long was I out?" "For about 3 hours or 4." "How is that dead?" "Idk." He smiles and you smile back. You look at the clock and it reade 7:00pm. You hear your stomach growl and Devin smiles. "Hungry?" "Ya." He grabs you hand and he walks you down stairs. You let go of his hand and you go sit next to Noah on the couch. Derek was sitting on the floor. Noah and Derek were playing Halo. "Hey gorgues." Says Noah. You smile and you watch them play. 'I wanna play....' you think forgetting Noah reads minds. "Hey Derek,grab _______ a controlor. She wants to play." Says Noah. You slap him in the arm and he messes up. Derek wins. "Hey _______ thanks! You made me win! I'm uh really sorry I yelled at you. Its just that-." Derek stops and runs upstairs. "Wha-" "don't worry about him. He's having a spaz attack." You smile and you grab Dereks controler and you play with Noah.
  7. You play and Derek comes downstairs. He sits on the couch and watches you play. Your winning. You LOVE playing video games. You win. "Ohh d**n! You just got beat by a girl!!!" Says Derek. You smile. "Well its preety hot how a girl plays video games!" Says Noah. Derek agrees. You blush. "Hey where's DJ and Sydney?" "They went out." You smile. The bell rings and that means dinner.
  8. You sit in between Noah and Derek. You eat spaggetti(I think that's how you spell it). "So have you found what my powers are yet?" "No but we will tomarrow." Says Devin. You smile. You finish eating and Sydney walks in the door with DJ and Lauren. "Hey _____!" Says Lauren. She comes up to you and hugs you. "Can I uh talk to you?" She asks. "Sure." You lead her to your room.
  9. That's it for part 2!!!!!!! :D
  10. Bye bye!!!! Comment and rate!!!!!

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