love love love story part 1

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1 one girl thats you 3 boys and a popular but u are prettier [gabe:has black clothes black hair and ausome green eyes] [juan carlos (jc):brown hair and brown eyes] [kyle: blonde with sparkling blue eyes]

i want to make more so pleaze comment so i can have ideas and soooooo i can write paaaaaart 2 i want toooo write mooooooorrrrreeee pleaze pretty please thank uuuuuuuuu

Created by: KATkaren
  1. ok it's time for school and like everday you wait for your bff [with brown hair and brown eyes] jc(juan carlos) but you dont see him so your going to have to sit with someone weird
  2. the bus comes and your still alone and then you go to sit next to the new kid(he has green eyes black hair black clothes and has a cute british acente) you say "is this seat takin?" he looks at you and says "hello love whats your name?" you say "hi my name is ________ and yours?" he says" gabe now sit down
  3. you stand up and leave but gabe grabs your hand and says "sorry love for being rude by" he kisses you on the cheek and leaves [u r thinking when u see *] *omg he kissed me eeep*then kyle with blonde hair and blue eyes comes and puts his arm around your shoulder
  4. you say "umm what are you doing?" he says "pretend to be my girlfriend cuz ima make my ex jelous" before you can say anything he kisses you in the lips very slowly and his ex says "uggg" then he says "later babe" you think* another kiss really*
  5. he leaves then his ex says "ima get him back so watch out!" you just walk away and found jc making out with a girl named gisela you say "hmhm jc? " then he says "sorry for not going with you on the bus i was with..." then gisela inturupts and says "with his new girlfriend me so back off"
  6. you say "ok damn relax" gisela says "b*tch u relax" then she gave him a french kiss and left you yelled "u went with her u know i hate herrrr!!!!!"
  7. you go in class and the day passes by fast but then at lunch you see gisela kissing kyle you got so peed off you wer going over there to punch her but then gabe got you and said "whats wrong love?" you say " i will tell you later" he says " then go to the bench in the park by love" he kisses you on the cheek then leaves
  8. you go to punch gisela but then someone got you and the [p.s. cliffhanger]
  9. pleaze leave comments so i can have ideas
  10. oh and comment to see if i make part 2
  11. sorry if it wz long by

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