Love Like or Obsession

There are alot of like love or obsession quizzes but non like this one.The people that are obsessed are those that cant get enough of their special person. Love are those who love their special person and can't live without them. Like your just getting started...on this long road of relationship.

Are you ready to know for sure if it is like love or obsession? Most other quizzes only scratch the surface this one is for real! You will know for sure in a few minutes if it is like love or obsession! Take this awesomely cool quiz!

Created by: crazygirl
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you think of the person what are your first thoughts?
  2. When the two of you spend time apart what are you thinking of?
  3. That special person just said something that you find extremly amusing what is your reaction?
  4. If you see too much of said special person what are your thoughts?
  5. If your already in a relationship with said special person what do you mostly do together? If not just assume you two were dating.
  6. What do your friends say about the two of you
  7. What does your family say about the two of you
  8. Before you met said person what was your thoughts about dating?
  9. If you havent of met special person what would life be like?
  10. Where did you meet special person?
  11. Last Question!! If you were going to decide which one you think it is which one would it be?

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