Love in a beat! pt.13

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I don't care of your reading this or not. I don't care if you like this story or not. I don't care if you like the picture or not. I like the picture.

I hope your not reading this. Since nobody does. Even though I do. I got to ask you a question. What are those?!?! Anyways get on with the story. =_= Go on now!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Soon Jerry stopped kissing me and grabbed my hand. I grabbed onto his hand. Then we walked to his house. We walked in and found his family awake. They saw me and then the baby said,"Jerry."
  2. We all looked at the baby and laughed.Michal took the boombox out of his hand. Jerry kissed me on the cheek. Michelle said,"So how are you Ravem?"
  3. I said,"I'm good." Then the family nodded. Then the baby said,"Jerry girlfriend ugly." We all was shocked. We looked at the baby. It giggled and fell asleep.
  4. Jerry said,"I love you." I said,"I love you to." Then I ran upstairs. He chased after me saying,"Come here girl! I'm going to tickle you!" Once we reached his room he put on his stereo.
  5. I wenr on his bed and lated down. Soon he tickled me. I laughed and said,"Don't stop please." He kept tickling me. I kept laughing. Then Michele came in his room.
  6. She said,"What is going on in here?" Then she looked at me and Jerry. I kept laughing and Jerry kept tickling me. Then Michele left his room. We stopped then he sat up.
  7. I layed my head on his lap. He held me close. Then Michal came in his room. He saw us together and shook his head. We looked in each others eyes. Michal left his room.
  8. I sat up and layef his head on his shoulder. He patted my head. I giggled a bit and wrapped my arms around him. Then he held the owl close to us. I smiled and kissed him. He kissed me back.
  9. Then he said,"I'm feeling tired. What about you?" I nodded my head. Then he got off the bed and turned off his light. Then he went back to me and cuddled me.
  10. I cuddled back. Soon he fell asleep. Then I kissed his forehead then fell asleep. Then I felt a blanket being put over us. I fell back asleep then. Then it was time to wake up.
  11. I didn't wake up. Jerry poked me onced. Then stroked my hair. I waked up and kissed him. He kissed back then I left his room. I went downstairs and looked at the baby.
  12. The baby laughed and said,"You hair funny." I rolled my eyes and went outside. Jerry came out and we walked to school. (Time warp) We came home and got ready for the big game.
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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