Love in a beat! pt.11

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This part is a little exciting. I put more Emily then anyone else. Also I hope you like it. Judt go to parsgraph two! Comment the song in three paragraphs,

I found myself dreaming. It's silver and gold. From a scene on s movie that every broken heart knows! You pulled me close for a split second them I was all alone.

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. We went in his room and grabbed our homework. He has one less page of homework. He grabbed two pencils and gave one to me. He said,"First we're going to do math first."
  2. Soon he took off his jacket. We did homework then soon we got done. I was cold. He wrapped his jacket around me. He said,"Keep it." I smiled and put my stuff in my backpack.
  3. We layed on our stomachs on his bed. Then he said,"I love you. A lot." Then I said,"I love you to, A lot." Soon he leaned closer to me. I leaned in then we his phone rang.
  4. He groaned and got up. He said,"Hello. You got Jerry! Who is this?" I rolled unto my back. Soon he hung up. I said,"I'm going home now. Love you." He said,"Bye. Love you to."
  5. I came home and said,"I'm home!" Crow rushed to me and hugged me. She said,"Where were you?" I said,"Jerry's." I went in the living room and sat on the couch.
  6. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen. Then I went upstairs and went in my room. Then I closed my door. I layed on my stomach on my bed. I kept the jacket on. Then my phone started to ring. I answered it.
  7. It was Emily. She said,"Hey want to hangout at the mall?" I said,"Sure." Then I grabbed my purse. I yelled,"I'm going to the mall." Then left. Emily met me on the way there.
  8. She said,"Hey!" I said,"Hey!" Then we walked to the mall. I told her about me and Jerry. She said,"You almost had your first kiss! If only there was only texting." Then she sighed.
  9. I said,"I know right!" Then we walked in the mall. She said,"What about we go to Bath&Body works?" I said,"Sure. We can go there!" We walkef to Bath&Body then walkrd in the store.
  10. She said,"Will you pay?" I said,"Yes. But I might borrow a few dollars." She said,"OK." She picked out a bottle of lotion and five things of hand gells. I picked out one candle and one bottle of lotion.
  11. I payed then we left. We went to Payless. She said,"Hey try these on!" She handed me a pair of red wedges. I said,"Fall is next month." I tried them on and walked in them. She said,"Your the same size as me! Even in shorts!"
  12. I said,"Wow!" Then she tried on a white pair of wedges. She said,"Maybe we go dress up and trick-or-treating next month. We'll be little demons." Then she put the white pair up and reached for another red pair. I said,"Yes. That's brilliant. Maybe Jerry will be Satan and your boyfriend will be Satan to and it can be a double date!"
  13. Cliff-hanger. Comment what you were for Hollowween.

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