Five nights at Freddy's 3 Quiz

there are many five nights at Freddy's players but you might love the game so much you just play it all day and i do that cuz i beat it! have fun with your life and try to play fnaf3 a lot. very good for your "health" lol

do you have what it takes to beat springtrap and survive all 6 nights!? beep blood de dat dit dih dah dah loo loo 998 have some cookies for beating this quiz!

Created by: someone123
  1. What is the setting (place) in five nights at freddy's 3?
  2. What are the names of the animatronics (all)
  3. True or false: Springtrap is bonnie just burnt and golden
  4. What happens to the pizzeria after night 6
  5. What are the initials of five nights at freddy's 3?
  6. True of false: Tehre is a Five Nights at Fredy's 3 minecraft mod
  7. Where is the most pupular place u can get Five Nights at Freddy's 3?
  8. True or False: The purple guy is in the fnaf3 minigames
  9. Bonnie has a jumpscare in five nights at freddy's 3?
  10. Springtrap jumpscares you how?
  11. True or false: The title screen has an Extras option after beating night 5?

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