Love in a beat! pt.4

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I hope you like this part! I think you love music whic is why you are here. If it's not because of the reason why then comment why you're reading this story.

I hope you read the first four parts! Sorry if your favorite character is Emily. You'll figure out why I'm sorry if you read the story! JUST READ IT ALREADY!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. Then the bus stopped at Jerry's house. He let me go and went home. Then the bus stopped at my house. I got off and went inside. I took off my shoes and went to the kitchen. I caught Mom singing. She blushed when she saw me and handed me a cookie.
  2. I said,"My boyfriend invited me to his house to watch hockey. Do you mind if I go over there in three hours?" She said,"I don't mind." I hugged her then ate the cookie.
  3. I went to my room and did my homework. After I got done I had one hour to go over there. I quickly changed into my hockey jersy and a pair of jeans. Then I put on my sneaker wedges. I looked at myself in the mirror.
  4. I said,"I look fine." to myself. Then I went downstairs. Mom took a picture of me and I posed for her. Then I went to his house. I knocked on the door. A man answered the door.
  5. His face looked nice. He said,"Hello. How may I help you?" I said,"I'm Raven. Jerry invited me to come here." His face brightened. He said,"Yes. You're the one Jerry is going out with. Please come in!" I went past the man and saw a women and a baby inside.
  6. The women smiled at me and said,"Aren't you precious?" Jerry came downstairs and went to me. He said,"Mom Dad this is Raven." The mom and the dad smiled and came to me.
  7. The mom looked at me closer. The dad shook my hand. The mom said,"Call me Michele." The dad said,"Call me Michal." I said OK. Then the game was on. Jerry sat on the couch and told me to sit by him.
  8. I did and he wrapped his arm around me. I smiled and kissed his cheek. Then a commercial came on. Michal stood up and took care of her baby. Jerry said,"So. How did your day went?" I said,"Good." Michal put her baby down back in it's crib and sat down next to Michel.
  9. Jerry smiled and kissed my cheek. Then the game was back on. Then the game was over. Jerry said,"What's your curfew?" I said,"Like, 10:00." He said,"We got two hours then."
  10. Michele said,"Y'all look like joy together!" Jerry smiled. Michal said,"Y'all look like when we were younger." I smiled. Jerry got up and offered his hand.
  11. We went in a bedroom. I soon saw the owl we got. I said,"I forgot what we named that." He said,"Her name is Ally." He let go of my hand and turned on his stereo. He smiled and he said,"Shall we dance?" I said,"We may." Soon music came on. We smiled and we started to slow dance.
  12. Soon, the music stopped. We had twenty minutes before I had to go home. He soon went on his bed with his arms wrapped around me. We started to cuddle. Then I had to leave. He said,"Bye. Want to do something tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday."
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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