Love in a beat! pt.5

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This part has Emily in it. I hope you read the first four parts! Also this story is fake. Please keep that in mind! So I hope you like it! Also please come back for part six!

I hope you like thid part! If you hate babies then sorry. You'll understand if you read this part. Just read it already. You are still reading this, aren't you? Don't read this read the story!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. I said,"I don't know. It depends on what I feel like. Bye." He said,"OK." Then I left. Once I reached home,Mom was sleeping on the couch. I silently took my shoes off and tiptoed up the stairs.
  2. I went in my room and closed the door. I turned on my stereo and turned it down a little. Then my phone started to ring. I answered it. I said,"Hello. Who is this?" It was Emily. She said,"Hey Raven! How are you?" I said,"I just came home from Jerry's house. You?"
  3. She said,"Just came home from White Castle. Want to hangout Sunday?" I said,"Sure. What if we go to Mcdonald's?" She said,"It's a deal! Bye." I said,"Bye." Then I hung up.
  4. I heard my sister talking to Dad. Dad said,"Because Raven is older!" Soon Mom woke up.I went downstairs. She soon went to the bathroom. She yelled,"My water broke! John take me to the hospital!" I heard saying,"Kids go to the car. Mallisa is going to have the baby!" I quickly grabbed my purse and ran to the car.
  5. Mom was laying in the backseat screaming. Then we reached the hospital. Dad,Crow,and I were in the waiting room.Then I saw a nurse walk in the room with a baby.
  6. Dad stood up. The nurse said,"This is your baby. It's a boy. Congratulations." Dad took the baby from the nurse. He looked happy. He sat down and started to rock it.
  7. The nurse then took the baby. She took the baby from Dad. She said,"The baby has no extract." Then Mom came out of her room in a wheelchair. The nurse handed her the baby.
  8. Mom went in the car. Then we went home. Mom was happy,I was happy. We all were happy! Then we reaced home. We went inside then the baby started to cry.
  9. Mom took a bottle and fed it. I went in my room and closed the door. I called Jerry. He said,"Hey. You got Jerry! Who is this?" I said,"Hey Jerry it's Raven. My mom just had a baby. It's a little brother!" He said,"Congratulations!" I said,"I think we can do something tomorrow. What about we go to Sonic?"
  10. He said,"OK. So what do you want to talk about?" I said,"Well I have a BFF now." He said,"That's good. Who is it?" I said."Emily. So how about we hang up or else the phone bill will be high." He said,"OK bye." Then he hang up.
  11. I texted Emily,"My mother had a baby! It's a little brother!!" She texted back,"Really?!?! Wow! Congrats." I said,"Thanks!" Then she said,"So. I need to hang up." I texted,"Bye." then hang up.
  12. I went downstairs and saw Mom talking to the baby. She said,"Welcome. This is our house forever. Welcome home Edward." Then she looked up at me. She smiled and said,"Come sit by me."
  13. Cliff-hanger. Sowwy!

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