Do you love Minecraft?

Do you live Minecraft? Do you love quizzes? Because if both are yes, then this is the quiz for you! But if you don't try it creepoers will blow you up!

Can YOU beat this quiz and be awesome? Because anyone can try and beat it but not everyone will succeed and get over 80%. So have a try and if you win you are awesome.

Created by: Dilan Lehane
  1. How many obsidian blocks make a Nether Portal?
  2. How many diamonds make a diamond block?
  3. Is Minecraft awesome?
  4. Which of these mobs are in the Nether?
  5. Is Herobrine dangerous?
  6. :)
  7. Do you like this?
  8. Who are 2 main members of Yogscast? Duncan and ........ ! Who is ........?
  9. Lol
  10. What does Sky the Kid call Gold?

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Quiz topic: Do I love Minecraft?