What minecraft pet are you?

So, what minecraft pet are you? Wanna know? Thinking on it for a long time? Do you play minecraft? OK, THEN, your perfect to come here see what pet you are!

You just need to fill up some questions, and then, you will know who are you... Try here, and meet your true pet. that pet may like you Come and give a try!

Created by: realmaster42
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like pigs?
  2. Did you ever go to a pig spawner?
  3. How much dogs did you own at max?
  4. Did you ever get killed by a ghast?
  5. MIXING: Coca cola + pepsi + [random pet] = invisible cola. Wich pet?
  6. Wich of the following pets were released at 1.6.2?
  7. Choose a number of the newest version from 13-12-2013
  8. Choose a number of the newest version from 13-12-2013
  9. What are creepers?
  10. Pick your fav. color

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Quiz topic: What minecraft pet am I?