Love found at Sea part 12

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Hi! Its me wolfygirl! Sorry I havn't been here for two months. I gave up my computer for a certain period of time. But I'm back and gona complete my series. Now a view over everything that has happened.....(It sontinues at the end of the quiz.)

*Tough Romance* You came from a farm town to the great properous kingdom of a land of light. You were suppose to marry one of the three princes. Richard the youngest who's 17 and has hazel eyes with chesnut hair that looks like oyoama. Jacob the middle brother who's 18 and has blond hair that looks like obiwan's with sky blue eyes. Matthew the (He's 19) one you married who has Noda's hair but black with green eyes. You fight an evil dark being because your the light being name Lily. She killed Richard and turned him into a dark being causeing havic. Then you get reborn and meet him again on a ship. You have a family on the crew and find Jacob who was possed by a dark being and they got their memories back. You go back to the Kingdom and find Matthew. You gain your memory back and the leade

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. "What happened?" You whisper weakly. Mary got up painfully. Her hair had stains of new blood. She flinched when she tried to walk. "_____ are you okay?" She asked me. "I dunno. Let me see." You say. You sit up and try to help yourself walk but you fall. You look at your leg. Its twisted in a weird way. It was swollen and the blood was coming from it. "Your leg is broken." Mary walks to you. "What happened? One second there was the guys fighting the dark beings and next I have a broken leg in crystal wonderland." You say.
  2. Mary its next to you and sighs. Her long beautiful white silver hair was messy. Her big purple eyes showed depression. Its hard to believe that this is the nice sweet servant girl who was your friend back in your past life. Her smile was gone and she seemed sad. "The light being is only to be reborn after centuries. You were only alive twice. The first time was over a 1000 years. Its only been a 100 years." Mary said. "Thats long enough for me." You say. "But its suppose to be a constant pattern. I remember reading it in one of Richard's books." Mary said. "Well I dunno why I'm here this time. Its obivious that I can't really fight. Not against these dark beings." You admit. "I think that maybe you didn't complete your job. Or at least the brothers didn't not yet." Mary said. "How is that?" You ask. "Well first off Richard died. The kingdom he was suppose to build was suppose to help you and Matthew in a upcoming war. Jacob was suppose to be with Cassidy. But Lily killed her so his kingdom was destoryed. So when the dark beings attack your's and Matthew the castle was not in it's strongest state." Mary said. "Where did you get all this information?" You ask. "You dunno whats in that old libary. I didn't even read a third of it and I feel like a hermit." Mary joked. You laughed. It was nice to have a nice talk with your old friend.
  3. You close your eyes. Remembering the kingdom. It's beautiful glow. The garden that always had blooming flowers. The chess table where Jacob lost many battles. Meeting the three brothers. Matthew being his mysterious way. Falling in love with him. Being inside his arms. His sweet gentle kiss. Being the queen. Next to his side.....
  4. *Your past life.* You walk once again in the beautiful garden. The roses are always in bloom. Always beautiful. But today was differnt. The two roses that were red and yellow are wilting. For the first time. It never happened. You feel uneasy. But you shrug it off. You walk past them. You hear an evil laugh. "Say good bye light girl!" It said. You turn around. Nothing was there. Jake your friend came running to you. He was in his silver armor. Over the past year he grew older into more of a man and a knight. His long silver sword was at his side. His blue eyes showed that there was a serious matter. His brown curly hair made him look cute for a sweet girl. His chin no longer looked like a child. It was more bigger. Like a man. "Is something wrong Jake?" You asked. "Your majesty something terrible has happened to the towns people. A dreadful illness has spreaded throughout the town. Or at least what the doctors say. But when the doctors try to help them in any way they get it right away too. I don't think this is any epidemic." Jake said. Your heart thumps. "I believe that the dark beings are coming for a pay back." Jake said. "But I killed Lily." You say. "Apperently theres more of her kind." He said.
  5. "Come with me my lady." He said bowing. You nod. You two run to the castle. Your dress was not made for running. It was big and yellow with white flowers. You had white gloves and some flat slipper like shoes. The necklace of peace was on your neck. Your hair was in a curled bonnet. The door open letting you in. You hear a guard yell "Close the gate!" You see weird black smoke swirling around. About to go through the gate. Lukely the gate closes. But the smoke broke through it like nothing. The gold iron was crushed like paper. You gasp. Your in the castle. You see Matthew reading for battle. You see other soldiers and Jake gets in front of them and gives out orders. You run into Matthew's arms. "Dark beings." You say. "I'll protect you." Matthew whispered in your ear. You stand behind him. The door pounds. "What do the dark beings want?" Matthew said. "I dunno." You say. Jake yelled "Steady!" The door cracked. "Steady!" He said. "The soldiers shoke with fear in their eyes. Then everything grew quiet. Nothing was heard. Then the door broke and the smoke charged in. "Atta-" Jake was saying but the smoke ran into him. He spitted out blood. The smoke stopped and a spark grew in it. It literary fried Jake. Then Jake disinergrated. "Jake!" You yell. The smoke moved from person to parson. Killing everything and everyone in its path. It went straight to you. Matthew gripped his sword tightly. "Matthew I love you...." You say. He looked at you. His green eyes looked right at you. Showing that he didn't want to see you disappear. You kiss him on his lips for the last time. He was about to say something but the smoke went through you. "_____" He said with a tear falling down his cheek. "Matth-" You were about to say but you fell and disinergrated........
  6. You open your eyes and see Mary next to you. Your leg feel's cold and it hurts. Mary feel asleep on her side. Hair was in her face and she seemed disturbed. "What am I suppose to do now?" You think to yourself. You hear footsteps. You turn your head painfully and see a guy wearing black. His hair was deathly white and his eyes were red. He was vampire pale. He had an evil grin. His voice was cruel and old. "Hey little light girl has been found." He said playfully. Dark beings have a cruel sense of humor. "Oh and your poor little leg is broken. Poor little girl....." He said in a child like voice. "What do you want?" You snap at him. "Fiesty arn't you? Well we are talking you vary far away. Somewhere where no one can find you. And you'll be tortured!" He said. "We'll give you the high class treatment too." He put his arm around you. Then darkness swirled around you and you teloported to the unkown.
  7. You open your eyes and see complete darkness. (Like spongebob with squidward with the time machine. When he went to that weird demsion thats was just plain white and nothing. Like that but pure darkness) You remember your vision of when Richard was tortured by Lily. This is the exact place. Chains were around you. But you were being held with your arms and legs spread apart like a star. There were iron poles where the chains were being held. You couldn't move. You notice that now your only wearing a thin white ripped cloth. The cold chain around your broken leg pulled on it causing more pain. "What is this place?" You say.
  8. Your see the same guy walking to you with a whip. "Who are you?" You say. "I'm Carl. One of Lily's first class students. Specializing in torturment." He said pulling the whip. Showing it's dark strength. "Your a victim of Lily?" You say. "You could say that. I fell into the darkness about 400 years ago. And I'm now a first class student of such a woman." He bragged. Like he earned a medal. "So you torture people?" You ask. "Yes to get what I want. Like to have the three brothers to surreneder the world." He said. "Wait the world?" You ask a little shock. "The legend says that the three brothers can destory the world in a blink of an eye. The kingdom that they were from known as the great city. Its guarded by the heavens. Guiding mankind. We been in the shadows growing and now its time for us to take the world." He said. "You'll never get away with this." You say. "Oh I think I will..." he said straighting his whip.
  9. *Jacob's POV* Mary and ____ teloported two days ago and now I can't find them. Richard teloported them and was trying to find them because supposely one of the dark beings interfeard with the magic and mess up with the location of where he was going to send them. "Have you found them?" I asked him. His eyes were white with concentration. "No yet. I already searched this part of the land so they must be over seas...." He said. "So check there!" Matthew said. He's been freaking out ever since they teloported. "Calm down-" I was saying but Matthew said "I can't loose her again! Richard have you found her?" "For over the 2,452 time and I counted no I havn't. Its hard to concentrate to look this far of a distance and you yelling in my ear." Richard said. Matthew crossed his arms and paced back and forth. Five minnutes later he was about to say something but closed his mouth. He paced again. "Wait! I found them! Wait Carl. He took her away. Drat! I just found her too. That means she'll be...." Richard said with his eyes turning back to their normal hazel brown. But they changed red because of the dark magic he was using. "Well!?" Matthew said impatiently. "Shes been taken to the dark abyss. Meaning she's probably going to get tortured for information or to join their side. Believe me they did the same exact thing with me." Richard explained. "WHAT!?" Matthew grabbed his shoulders and shook him. "Why would you-" He said. "I didn't you worthless little tramp!" Richard snapped back. He said another curse at him and they went back and forth. Richard stopped and took a breath.
  10. *Richard's POV* I almost lost control. The dark being that Lily created was strong and slipped out when I spoke sometimes. Even part of it's crueltry comes out and I sometimes want to laugh at my older brother's pain, stress and fear. If only I never gave in.....this would have never happened......But I can conrol it. I can fight it off. For _____ and most of all Mary.....I miss her sweet smile and her laugh. Her nice silky hair. I almost slipped into a day dream with her. But I had to stay focused on the situation at hand. "I apologize." I said looking down. "Now I can't concentrate if your yelling in my ear." I said. I sat down and used my powers in search of her. To see where Carl took her. I closed my eyes and my mind was far away from my body in search of ____......
  11. *Matthew's POV* I looked at my younger as he was sitting. His eyes were white again. I can't stand it. I told ____ that I'll protect her and she died right before my eyes. I couldn't do anything. The kingdom fell and now I'm in this other life where I feel useless again. Like when _____ had to fight Lily. She beated her but I just stood there......Now I find her and she might be in trouble again.....Jacob touched my shoulder and his blond hair grown a lot then our past life. His eyes were just like the sky. Like dad's. He gave me a reassuring smile and said "Everything will be alright. I know it. We're the three princes remember?" I gave a smile at his word and said putting my hand on his shoulder "Standing together."
  12. Hey thats the end of part 12 that you all probably was never going to come! I hope you enjoyed it!

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