Love found at sea

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Hi! Its me Wolfygirl! I'm still working on "Life has more meaning to it".But I thought about this series and had to get it out. You know when you think of something good. You have to have people know it.

Yeah well I'm also the writer of "Tough Romance" and "Midnight" Rate and comment so I can see weather or not to complete this series or delete it.

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You walk along the old sea port in London. March 5, 1623. You smell in the salty sea air. You sigh. A man walks by you with a barrel and says "Exscuse me ma'adam" You move out of his way. He had the old British accent. He had a big barrel of wine. He walked into a ship that was stocking up on goods to give it to Afica. Well it would go to a port in the Main land of Europe and travel south of Sicily Italy and cross by boat through the Meterrain sea and into the North port of Afica and down to Tunisia and into Algeria. Thats it's final desenation. It would take about a good 10 to 15 days. Buts thats without all of the stops. Going through borders, muggers, pirates, weather and more. You continue to walk. Knowing that you would never get on a boat and out into sea. It was said to bring bad luck. A woman on a boat. And your mother and father would not aprove of that. Well you are the daughter of one of the richest man in the United Kingdom.
  2. You look down a little bit depressed. You want to just go in a boat and live a sea life. Wake up to the smell of salty sea air. Hearing the song of the sea. Seeing the dalphons of the sea as they glide above the water. The birds and how they show a new world full of inspiration, a new begining, a new life. You walk down the road and into the neighbrhood of markets. You loved the sea. And you just want to be one with it. You walk alone. You walk to the small park thats around your mansion. You look at your relfection in the water. You see blue eyes, light pink pale flawless skin, with chesnut hair thats been curled. Your yellow dress thats a little bit poofy with a umbrella in your hand with white gloves. You see your crusifix(I think I spelled that right. Its a cross if you don't know what it is) You see you small skinny arms and your small soft, gentle hands. Your red lipstick stuck out. You had a yellow had that shadded your whold body. "But this is not a body of a sailor." You whisper. You turn away and walk to your front yard rose garden.
  3. You looked at the light blue sky. You hear a humming bird in the distance. You see a young small Ann's humming bird. Its beautful red belly matched your dark red roses. Its green back was a green as the darkest green grass. Its white part of the belly was whiter then ever. You see it fly backwards with out turnning. Its wings flap so rapidly. You can barley see them move. You were amazed by it's beauty.
  4. You walk back to the port to get some seeds. You wanted to plant a new flower. You were looking at the seeds. You bumped into a guy. He was tall, muscular, and in a green tunic and a white shirt under neath with black pants. He had black hair and dark green eyes that were astonishing. "I'm so sorry" He said in a deep voice. It wasn't too deep though. A little bit of hight pitchness is in there. "Its okay" You say. He looks at you from top to bottom and says "Your a nice looking young woman" "Thank you" You say to him. "Would you like a drink with me?" He asked. "Oh rotten apples. I can't drink. Its not lady like. But no one will know right. Well I do drink wine. So I technecally drink anyways" You think. You smile and say "It would be my pleasure." You follow him to a inn. There was a little small bar.
  5. You sat next to him in a chair and he brought in a two glass of wine. You thanked him. He then started telling you that he was a salior. You adored his stories. Even though he really didn't have an adventure like fighting off pirates or muggers. Its made you like it cause he went out of london. And into the sea. You listened closly. You liked his stories.
  6. After a while you notice that its dark. He walks you home and your almost there but stop. "I can walk home from here. It was a pleasure meeting you.....I'm sorry I never found out what your name was." You say. "My name is John Lockheart. And what might be yours?" He asked. "I'm Miss Aura Suot." You say. You sya your good-byes but you don't leave. You can't hold it in anymore.
  7. "Can you take me on one of your voyages?" You ask suddenly. You turn away from him and say "I'm so sorry....." Then you walk away. You enter your house and go straight to your room and go to sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night. You look out your window and see that your dad is outside with some type of guy. "Okay now wheres the money?" He said. You couldn't see him. You father said "I gave you my money." The guy said "Not that dough Mr. Sout. Your daughter." Your father said "She barely turned sixteen. You can't just take her away." Your father sounded angry. "Look before you had your daughter you promise me to give me your child so I will stop pillaging your docks. I did my end of the deal. Its time to do yours." Your father looked down and said "Go...." They guy whistled and more men came in and went through your door. You couldn't see them entirely but they grabbed you and dragged you out of your home. It was a cold spring night. Even colder because of your thin fabric in your gown. You were barefoot so you felt the hard cold rocky concret under your feet. You look at your dad and say "Your giving me away like some product?" He didn't look at you in the eye and said "Its all in busness sweetie-" He gulped. You yelled at him "All in busness? How could you! I hate you!" You yelled at him as they dragged you into the cairrage and came in and the cairrage started moving to the sea ports.
  8. The cairrage stopped and you were forced to put on a big dark blue cloak so no one could see who you were or that you were bare footed. You felt the cold had paverment turn into light strong wood. You looked around and saw that you were on a boat. The boat started to move in a couple of minutes and you watched at your homeland disappear right before your eyes.......
  9. Thats the end of "Love found at sea". Comment and rate please. I'm still working on Life has more meaning to it.
  10. One more question.....Dododooo.....*Listen to theme song of OST angel beats* Its a good song with the violens and piano.

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