Love Again Or Not: Part 2

take part one or you will not understand this one. but this time theres something strange you are going to find out. we leave off right where left off to troy saying its time..........

all the boys are back again but theres something about them you would never guess. TROY:tall, handsome, pale blueish eyes, brown short curly hair, baseball player, in marching band(drumeline), smart, plays the paino,sweet,funny. CALVIN:tallish,hot,blue eyes, dirty blone longish hair,football player, baseball player,funny popular, sweet?? SKYLER:tall, cute,green eyes,chocolate straight short brown hair,surfer, loves night, stays away from ppl, seems the bad guy type. KEENAN: tall beautiful, blonde brown hair, brown eyes, almost prefect looking, loves the sun and sunlight and everything about summer,never had a girlfriend, sweet and kindre back again

Created by: Kayla Marie

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  1. As troy and skyler are taking you downstairs you wonderwhat they were talking about. it is time, time for what three walk into the kitchen the other two guys are already in there waiting for you. troy and skyler leave your side to join the other guys. they just sit there staring at you for a while.finally you cant help youself and ask them what the heck is going on.keenan was the first to speak.'______ were not like other could say were not even mortals but thats for you to decide. this i will say though we are different and in ways you would have never imagined'keenan.'woa what are you talking about you are mortal have you looked at yourself lately'you. 'no______ have you truly looked at us'calvin. suddenly there was a flash of green light and smoke. as the smoke cleared you saw the guys but they didnt look like the guys they were different. well for on thing they wings.'okay well thats not normal and guys take off the stupid wings it is not funny'you. 'well thats the thing ____ we cant take them off, there real'skyler.
  2. 'what do you mean there real, nobody has real wings'you.'yes people do have wings but only certain people. Faerie folk'troy.'what are yall talking about faeries arent real'you. you start pacing around the kitcthen not shure what to do.'okay why am i here i mean im not a faery, so can i leave??'you.'thats were you wrong________, havent you firgured it out by now. why would we reval are self to a mortal??'skyler. '____ you are a faery too. have you looked at yourself since the flash of light??'calvin. you look down you hands are seem to be glowing like sun light coming off of you. and then you look to your back there they are you own set of wings. suddenly you feel dizzy and you faint,
  3. you wake up in the bed in skyler's room. you think what i am i doing here. then you think oh my it was just a dream. for some reason you feel like someone is staring at you turn your side and see that you were right skyler's laying to next looking at you. 'morning sleepy head we thought you would never wake'skyler.'what do you mean i was only a asleep for one night'you.' hahaha you were asleep for five days, but i guess thats what happens when you find out your a faery'skyler.' what it wasnt a dream?'you.' no it was all real' skyler leaning in closer to you. normally you would have leaned away from him but you didnt. he kisses you on your lips so gentley it was like a flutter.'hey dont do that its not fair to charm her the first chance you get'troy.
  4. 'i was only having a bit of fun'skyler.' what are you talking about charming??'you. 'uh well you know how were faeries well one of our powers is to charm people, you like putting people under a spell' troy.oh wow you think still not shure you get up and wak out of the room. you didnt notice this back in the room but now you do your eyesight is changed things are more clear but like natural. as you walking from room to room looking for answers you know you wont find. asyou past a close door you hear voices.'cant believe you calvin. shes here six days and she wasnt even awake for five of those days'keenan.' i dont care keenan she is mine. i know it i can feel it'calvin.' as you get closer to the door you see its ctacked open you peek in there to see them all up in each other faces like there about to fight.'she is not yours, she could be the one for any of us and you know that'keenan. as he comes rushing out the door he runs right into you.'how long have you been there'keenan. you try to lie but you cant theres something wrong.'haha oh yea by the way faeries cant lie'keenan. he takes your hand and twirls you into his arms.
  5. 'well this stinks i cant lie not at all.this makes sense of why i couldnt lie to my parents.wait my parents are they faeries too??'you. '_______ no they are not faeries cause they are not your parents.'keenan.'what they are not my parents?thats not possible cause they raised me since i was little.'you.'they might have raised you but you were placed with when you were born to protect you cause you are the choosen one'keenan.'thats why they dropped me off here isnt it'you. 'im sorry i cant tell you anymore, ive already said toe much'keenan.he leans down and kisses you lightly on the cheek and walks away leaving you there speechless.
  6. you walk to your room trying ti firgure this all out. you not that worried aboutthe parents part cause somehow you always knew they werent your really parents. as you walk into your room you see a small metal bracelt on the bed you pick up and put it on. but as you do so you get this werid burning feeling. the boys run into you room rite b4 you faint.
  7. when you wake up to like this sunlight except its dar outside the window. you look around to see what it is, you see the source of the light rite away. keenan is sleeping in a chair across the room. his eyes open as you stare at him. he comes over and sits beside you. '______-- thank goodness i thought you would never wake up, you almost died. ___ never ever touch metal again its very deadly to faeries'keenan. 'okay'you. he sits there staring into your eyes, suddenly he leans over a kisses you for what seems like ever. as he pulls away you think it kinda tasted like sunlight(which a good thing). as he gets up the phone rings............
  8. guess what its that time again. end of the quiz. lol
  9. okay one more question. What is your favorite colour out of these colours? (tis will effect your results cause these are the fav colours of the guys.
  10. soo did you like this quiz?

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