Lobby awareness week

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This weak is the lobby awareness weak from the UNESCO ! We thus want to test your knowledge about lobbies and see if you have listened all the interesting info blabla

Are YOU a real expert in lobbies? Do you think you will be able to answer correctly all the good answers? Let's have fun and don't hesitate to share your results in our page !

Created by: Alfred

  1. According to you, how many lobbies are registered in France?
  2. What is the most powerful lobby in the world?
  3. What definition of product placement is the right one ?
  4. What is usually called the BIG SIX ?
  5. How many toxic elements are there in a cigarette?
  6. How many toxic elements are there in a cigarette?
  7. How does the ASM (Anti-Smoking Movement) finance its anti-smoking campaigns in the US?
  8. What is the process to make wine?
  9. What is the share of France in the worldwide market of wine?
  10. What is one of the decision of the Loi Evin?
  11. Which lobbying tactics has never been used in France?

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