Are you CRPS Aware?

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Awareness of CRPS and what it means for people is one of the goals for our fundraiser parties, so, please take this quiz and see what you have learned and what you still have to learn to become CRPS Aware!

This 10 question quiz will cover the awareness activities from our party and will test to see how much you have learned about CRPS. Are you a CRPS expert or still just starting to learn? Let's find out! Post your score in the group for 50 entries in the next drawing!

Created by: Meg Boland
  1. What is CRPS?
  2. What are some other names for CRPS?
  3. What is the leading cause of death among people with CRPS?
  4. Dr. Krane compares the skin level pain felt by people with CRPS by saying that a feather feels like a . . .
  5. What is the average length a person with CRPS struggles to find a diagnosis?
  6. CRPS is considered a "rare" disease but ________ people are thought to have it in the US alone.
  7. Is CRPS a new disease? When was it first diagnosed?
  8. What is the average age for someone to be diagnosed with this disease? What is the age of the youngest kid diagnosed?
  9. What are the physical symptoms that are a part of CRPS?
  10. What can you do to help people with CRPS?

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Quiz topic: Am I CRPS Aware?