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This category contains quizzes about various illnesses, conditions and diseases. We hope to add more quizzes here in the fiture.


Our Conditions and Diseases Quizzes

  • How much do you know about lupus?
    [by: Molly, rated: rated: 3.04/5, published: Sep 8, 2009]

    Many people have heard the word lupus - or knows someone who knows someone who has it. This difficult disease has become a tagline on the popular show "House"…

  • CRPS Awareness Quiz
    [by: Meg Boland, rated: rated: 2.97/5, published: Dec 28, 2014]

    Have you heard of this painful condition? Test your level of CRPS awareness.

Cancer Quizzes

  • Quanto ne sai sul cancro?
    [by: Valeria LPO Torino, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Feb 3, 2014]

    A quiz to test your general knowledge of this class of diseases, in Italian.

  • Pancreatic Cancer Facts Quiz
    [by: Ami and Nazia, rated: rated: 2.5/5, published: May 11, 2008]

    This test was made to increase pancreatic cancer awareness, and we hope that you learn a lot from it. Pancreatic cancer is the 4th-most leading cause of…

Infectious Diseases Quizzes

  • Will I Die from Coronavirus? (COVID-19)
    [by: Peter Principle, rated: rated: 4.17/5, published: Mar 12, 2020]

    The news reports daily on the spread of coronavirus, and some people wonder how afraid they should be for their health. While the constant updates may be…

  • Lyme Disease Vocabulary
    [by: Ashley, rated: rated: 3.15/5, published: May 9, 2007]

    This is a quiz to help power your proficiency in the Lyme Disease vocabulary arena and if you don't like it go eat some more french fries like I did. But…

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