Banking awareness Quiz - 1

Hi, Banking exam these days includes a banking awareness section instead of current affairs section. Taking this quiz may help you to reveal yourself the level of your banking awareness.

How much can you rate yourself with your banking industry knowledge. This quiz may help you to rate yourself. Please try it out and add your comments at the end. Thanks

Created by: Dhana

  1. Why SLR is maintained?
  2. According to the new guidelines, which of the following tax is/are now abolished? 1) Wealth tax 2) Fringe Benefit tax 3) Commodity Transaction tax
  3. The working of SEBI includes ?
  4. Which of the following rates are not fixed by RBI?
  5. Which of the following is not included in the core sectors of indian economy
  6. which of the following is an asset for a commercial bank
  7. Which of the following is a selective credit control method ?
  8. Who is the partner in the equity of Regional Gramin Banks ?
  9. Name of the Insurance company "IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Company Ltd." is changed to
  10. India has planned to introduce Plastic Notes soon, which country first launched plastic notes ever ?

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