The Development of Modern Banking

Do you want to do well on your economics test? Do you think you understand section three well enough to score well? Did you pay attention when we taught you all this? Check if you actually know what you're talking about!

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Created by: IB Economics
  1. What are National Bank Notes?
  2. What was the importance of the Federal Reserve System?
  3. Despite the Fed, did banking massive banking failures occur during the Great Depression?
  4. _________, high interest rates, inadequate financial reserves, and fraud reduced the number of S&Ls by half in the 1980's.
  5. In what year did the National Banking Act end?
  6. What is the Fed abbreviated for?
  7. What are NOW accounts?
  8. A credit union is _______
  9. A person or institution to whom money is owed is called what?
  10. The 1990's were marked as a period of what?

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