Life After Death Part 2

Hey guys, here is part 2 of Life After Death. If you haven't taken part 1, do that coz you probably won't get it otherwise. This one is kinda long and ends on a bit of a sad note, but don't worry things will get better in the next quiz.

So you have been taken by 4 sexy vampires who are about to make a business proposition. There is Damon the bad boy, Matt the shy guy, Tyler the clown and Ben, Mr. Serious. Please rate and comment and enjoy :)

Created by: Princess_Demon
  1. "_____, we have a business proposition to make. We want to train you to help us hunt down vampires." Ben says. You want to say that you have no interest in working for vampires, but think that now probably isn't a good time. Instead you say
  2. Tyler laughs. "Babe, you've been killing the newbie vamps, the ones who don't know anything about fighting. You need training to be able to kill ones like us." You glare at him for a second and he winks, making you blush. "I saw you coming a mile away, you definitely need training." Matt says with a wry smile. "There's no problem with working for vampires." Damon says, suddenly behind you on the bed. You try to spin around, but he holds you in place. "We wont bite." He whispers and then presses his lips to your neck. "Besides, you don't get a choice." Ben tells you gruffly as Damon appears back on the floor with the others. You are
  3. You have no choice other than to obey so you submit reluctantly, and with a sigh tell them that your in. Tyler grins and winks, Matt smiles and Ben nods, satisfied. Damon does nothing but his eyes smolder as he watches you. "Well, we have things to do so if you'll excuse us." Ben says as he leaves. He nods to you then gives Matt a funny look on his way out. Damon and Tyler all leave with him.
  4. Matt smiles at you and joins you on the bed, he sits away from you though, the bed is big enough for both of you. He seems happy to sit in silence, but you're not. "When can I go home?" You ask him. He shrugs and says thats Ben's decision. All of a sudden you feel like crying as you imagine your mum waiting for you at home, worried sick. You dash away the tears that spill from your eyes. Matt looks up, worry in his face. Suddenly you are in his lap and he is holding you as you sob, brushing your hair back with the lightest of touches.
  5. Eventually you calm down, but he just holds you and make you feel so safe that you almost forget he's a vampire. You look up and kiss him gently as a thank you. When you pull away you feel his arms loosen, then tighten around you and he kisses you again, this time his mouth is hot and demanding on yours.
  6. You break apart, panting. "The others are back." Matt tells you. If you listen carefully you can hear soft movements around the house. You nod and sigh. He grins and quickly kisses you again before standing up and holding out his hand to you. You take it and let him lead you out of the room and down the stairs into what looks like a kitchen. Ben and Tyler are unpacking shopping. Damon is drinking a glass of what looks suspiciously like blood. All of their eyes zoom in on Matt and your hands intertwined.
  7. You let go of Matt's hand, gently squeezing it as you do so that you don't hurt his feelings. You wander over and look at what they bought. It's all people food. You snag a packet of chocolate biscuits out of Tyler's hands and open them. You take 2 before Tyler steals them back and puts them in the cupboard. You roll your eyes and walk away from them, planning on exploring the rest of the house. Damon is suddenly right in front of you. "Just where do you think you're going?"
  8. "I'm going to explore the house." You say after the shock wears off. He smirks. "Allow me to accompany you." He says, forcibly taking your hand and placing a gentle kiss on it. He keeps your hand as he shows you the lounge room and the backyard and the library and the study. The rooms are all very classy, but bare. Only equipped with essentials.
  9. He leads you to a bathroom and you decide you want to freshen up. He nods and disappears for a moment and then is back with a bundle of clothes in his arms. He dumps them on the counter and turns towards you, you're in his arms all of a sudden and then he kisses you, surprisingly gentle. He pulls away after a moment and grins, then leaves the room, pulling the door shut behind him.
  10. When you are finished showering and cleaning up you get dressed and go downstairs. Tyler is is sitting on the couch watching TV, it is an old show that was on when you were little. He looks up at you and grins, patting the couch next to him. You shrug mentally and go and sit down next to him. You laugh at what he is watching and he slaps your leg lightly. "Hey!" You say slapping him back more forcefully.
  11. Soon the two of you are wrestling playfully and you squeal and you both tumble off the couch. He cushions your landing and then rolls over so that he is on top of you, pinning you down. He leans in and brushes his lips with yours. He pulls back to judge your reaction and then, liking what he sees, claims your mouth again. Your hands make their way to his hair and you run your fingers through the fine strands. Suddenly he is ripped away from you and thrown on the floor away from you. Ben is standing over you looking furious.
  12. Tyler stands up slowly, shaking his head as if to clear it. He turns murderous eyes on Ben. "What the HELL was that?" He growls, stalking towards him. Ben snarls in response. "We are supposed to be looking after her, not making out with her." Tyler tossed his head in annoyance. "That's not your problem, your problem is that it wasn't you." He said and he flew at Ben and they started fighting.
  13. You stand up, alarmed and unsure of what to do. Suddenly Damon is next to you. He laughs. "Pathetic, hopefully there will be a real injury this time." He says. You look at him horrified. "How can you say that!? They're your friends Damon!" You remind him. He shrugs and rolls his eyes. You sigh and run towards them, using your vampire abilities to weave in between fists.
  14. You feel hands on your waist dragging you back out of the way of the fight and Ben is thrown backwards. You see Matt standing there, yelling at the two of them. Damon has his arms wrapped around you. "That was incredibly stupid." He murmurs to you. You push him away, annoyed, as Ben storms out. You decide to follow him
  15. You find Ben in the library with his head in his hands. He doesn't look up as you enter and you walk forwards. You cautiously walk towards him and put your hand gently on his shoulder. "Ben? You ok?" You ask. He looks up and his eyes are glowing green, which means he is upset. "______" He sighs. He sits back and you perch in his lap and let him cuddle around you. You think
  16. You two sit there for a while and then he pulls back his head to look at your face. You gaze into each others eyes and you lean in to kiss him but he pulls away. He stands up abruptly and settles you in the chair. "_____, I can't do this. I need to look after you and make the best choices for you. I can't do that if I feel for you." He tells you then darts away, leaving you feeling rejected and hurt.
  17. Well thats the end of this quiz I hope you liked it. Please remember to rate and comment :) who do you like??

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