Life Before Death

It took me forever to come up with this but I finally did it! So anyways take this quiz, see which guy you end up with, rate, and comment it since I know you don't have a life if you're taking this! Just kidding!

Don't even take your time to read this since I said everything I needed to say. Lalalalalalalala well what are you waiting for?! GO!!!! GO!!!!! GO!!!!!!!!! Before I hunt you down!!!!!

Created by: GreenDayFreak

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  1. It's a snowy dead morning and you are still in bed. You hear your mom say "____ it's to get up and get ready for school." You.......
  2. You slowly drag yourself out of bed, take a steaming hot shower, and put on clothes. What do you put on?
  3. After you get dressed, you hurriedly grab your coat and books and head straight out of your house. You get in the car with your mom and she drives you to your new school.
  4. When you arrive, you see a huge crowd of kids going into the school. As soon as you close the car door, all the attention is drawn toward you. Everybody is staring at you as you go to the office to get your schedule.
  5. After you get your schedule, you head to your first class which is Biology. The teacher greets you and you were assigned a seat next to a girl named Brittany. Brittany looks at you, turns toward her friends, and whisper something to them that makes them erupt into laughter.
  6. After the laughter dies down, Brittany turns towards you and introduces herself. After introductions, you two became great friends. As time passed with a long lecture of molecules, the bell rings and you head to your next class which is History.
  7. After you arrive in your class, the teacher assigns you a desk beside this weird boy who has black and green hair and black and green clothes.
  8. You kept staring at the way he dressed until you came to a strange scar running down the back of his hand. He noticed yo were looking at him and he said "Hi. My names Christian and you must be ____." you looked at him in shock since you never introduced yourself to him
  9. You finally came back to reality and say "How did you know my name? I'm new here." He starts to laugh a little bit "I know a lot of things. Trust me." After class, you caught up with Brittany to go to the cafeteria for lunch. After both of you got your trays, you two sit at a table with the popular kids. As you sit there, you notice a muscular guy sitting across from you with a scar on the back of his hand
  10. You also notice the guy wasn't moving an inch. All he did was stare at his lunch the whole time. You leaned over to ask Brittany what was wrong with him but she didn't know either so she got up and went to ask him what was wrong. "Micheal, what's wrong?" He didn't do anything except get up and empty his tray and left without saying anything
  11. You finally got over what happened at lunch and the day slowly dragged on. Your last two classes went by slow but you was finally glad school was over. Your mom pick you up after school and you two head home fo the night. When you get out the car, you see someone standing in front of your house.
  12. When you're inside of your house, you head upstairs to change clothes and listen to your ipod while your mom cooks dinner. You drift off to sleep and you suddenly wake up to darkness. You head downstairs to see if dinner was ready but you didn't smell food plus it was pitch dark downstairs. You find a candle and you light it and you see your mom sitting on the couch. You move closer to ask your mom what she was doing but when you faced her, her throat was slit and blood was everywhere. When you turned around to call the police, someone was standing in front of you with a knife and was moving closer to you and then........
  13. So, I hope you liked this story! This story is actually based on a book I'm writing! So comment and/or rate so I can make a second part!

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