Lets learn a language

There are many languages in the world. Do you know it is international mother tongue day today? Anyway,I love it. It is bengoli language. Hope you like it

Well happy mother tongue day. Today is 21 feb. I love you all . Hope you guys learn bengoli well. I will be very happy if you enjoy it. Please rate it

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. Kemon aso means how are you
  2. Ami valo means I am fine
  3. Ami valo na means I am not fine
  4. Tomar din kemon katlo means how was your day
  5. Kalke ki korba means what's your plan for tomorrow
  6. Tumi sundor means you are beautiful
  7. Su provath means good morning
  8. Shuvo ratri means good night
  9. Na means no
  10. Ami tomake valobashi means I love you

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