Which Language Best Fits You?

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Hello Hope You Have Fun Taking This Quiz And Feel Good About Your Answers At The End And I Hope You Give Good Ratings When You Rate This Quiz At The End

This Quiz Is About Which Of Some Languages Are Best For You And What Language You May Learn The Best Hope That You Have Fun Taking The Quiz And Hope You Have A Great Day

Created by: Cameron C. Mattice
  1. What Kind Of Language Would You Like?
  2. Are You A Learner?
  3. Do You Want Lots Of Career Opportunities?
  4. Where Were You Born?
  5. Have You Learned Any Language Before?
  6. Do You Have A Friend Who Speaks Another Language?
  7. Do You Have Any Relative Alive Or Grew Up Having A Relative Alive From A Different Country?
  8. Are You White Skinned Or Black Skinned?
  9. Do You Have Any Experiance In A Foreign Country?
  10. What Race Are You?
  11. Do You Have A Bad Attitude?
  12. Are You A Good Listener?
  13. Do You Have A Good Memory?
  14. Do You Have Good Patience?
  15. Are You Good At Making Very Foreign Sounds?
  16. How High Is Your Confidence?
  17. How Good Are You At Not Giving Up?
  18. Are You Passionate What You Do?
  19. Out Of Which Would You Like Learn Or Rather Learn?
  20. Do You Like History?

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