laura's bible general quiz

i was motivated to do this quiz, because i have taken so many, and i love to study the bible and i hope to motivate others to do also. the bible should be the strength of our very being and daily happiness.

do you study the bible on a regular basis or not. take this quiz and in a few mintues you can find out the result. if you do study on a regular basis you get better understanding of what it says to us.

Created by: amazon

  1. where was rachel buried?
  2. what type of wood was the ark made from?
  3. who was david's father?
  4. what was the name of naomi's husband?
  5. what book is the song of moses in?
  6. which of these are not one of the 12 apostles?
  7. who betrayed jesus?
  8. what book in the new testament has the verse "for our God is a consuming fire"?
  9. what was the name of the street that the Lord gave in a vision to ananias?
  10. what was the name of abraham's second wife?

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