LankyBox Official Fan Quiz

LankyBox consists of Adam and Justin. Along with their merch plushies Boxy and Foxy, they play Roblox and recreate movies like Descendants and Frozen.

How much do you know about the self-proclaimed thicc Justin; Tell-it-like-it-is goofball Adam; Boxy, their mascot; and Foxy, Boxy’s partner in crime? Find out now!

Created by: WoomyBoxie

  1. While creating “Descendants with zero budget”, Justin plays Audrey, who breaks glass to get the crown. Justin tries to break glass to get..
  2. What are the names of LankyBox’s protagonists?
  3. In LankyBox, who is Lanky?
  4. In LankyBox, who is Box?
  5. What happened when the LankyBox gang used a ouija board?
  6. What does Justin call himself?
  7. What does Adam say about LankyBox world?
  8. Who voices Boxy and Foxy?
  9. Are LankyBox brothers?
  10. Is LankyBox a family-friendly channel?

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