Riddle Quiz by Mrs Smurthwaite

It's a complex riddle quiz, few geniuses pass it. I made this quiz to make some brains take in more knowledge with these 10 impossible questions. Just for you!

ARE you a riddle pro? Then take this complex quiz and go on try it you'll change mind like a click of my fingers. See how many you can get correct.

Created by: fay
  1. There was a man building a square house the house had white back to front walls a bear came along what colour is the bear.
  2. What has only two words but thousands of letters?
  3. What gets harder to catch as you run faster?
  4. What is half of 2+2?
  5. I run yet I have no legs what am I?
  6. What gets wetter as it dries?
  7. The more there is the less you see what is it?
  8. It is as light as a feather but the strongest man can't hold it what is it?
  9. What goes up but never comes down?
  10. A green man lives in a green house a blue man lives in a blue house who lives in a white house?

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