just a who will you fall for quiz part 10

This is my favorite quiz so far. This is mainly the quiz you'll have to look back on from now on. I've worked hard this month to have everything tie together. Alright! How bout' we have a quick recap? I left you off at the hospital considering either Joseph, or Rikki hurt Lucas. Uh, yeah!

I made really lond discriptions of the guys except for Rikki and Carson on the website. Go cheak them out! Thanks! Lemme tell you about myself. My real name is Hazel. "Hazdam" is just my name combined with my crushes name. I live in Canada, but I was born in a country called the Philippines. I love to write, listen to music and aswell create music. I can play the guitar and french horn. Yeah...thats pretty much it.

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  1. You can't help it. Blasting through the door you yell, "No! Anyone but Joseph! Please! He'd never do anything like this! He doesn't know how!" The twins just stare at you with blank facces. Motionless, soundless, thoughtless.
  2. "It doesn't necessarily have to be him. You know that." Lucas says trying to calm you down. Jacob walk to you and gives you a big hug. "Thanks guys. I'm just a but overwhelmed." Gently pushing Jacob away. "_____. We should go. Lucas needs his rest. Meet me in the lobby." Jacob suggests. You nod and leave the room. Just when the door rushes past the air, you hear a faint voice. It says...
  3. It says, "Let the games begin" As you walk through the hallway of the busy hospital, time seems to be in reverse. Soon the rushing doctors and nurses,racing hospital beds and crying people disapear. The only thing you see, is darkness.
  4. **You're sitting on a park bench watching children play. One child chatches you eye. She looks about three, and she's building a sand catsle. When she's finished she stands to show her mother, but when she turns around, a little boy steps on her catsle. The little boy is laughing, bbut the little girl is crying. You have a chance to see what his eyes look like, and they are a deep forent green. Another little boy comes up behind forest eyes. He has glass green eyes. Out of all of the loud kids around you, you can clearly hear what he is saying. "That was not nice. Say sorry!" Forest eyes pputs his hands on his hips and sticks his tounge out. "Are you okay?" glass eyes asks sitting next to the girl. She shakes her head no. "Let me make you feel better." He leans and gives the girl a hug.**
  5. **You are standing outside a window (no one can see you). A little boy gets dropped of at a daycare. Right when the parents leave, the boy gets picked up and strapped to a table. His bright blue eyes make you catch your breath. The blue eyed boy squirms and screams but the worker makes him fall asleep. The worker extracts some blood and does tests on it. When he is finished, the contents of the needle is now a blueish-greenish color. He takes the concoction to a new boy. He is sleeping too. The worker pokes the needle into this new boys skin and pushes the liquid into his body. Right when the bottle is empty, the new boy's eyes whip open exposing his glowing green and blue eyes.**
  6. **You are now sitting on a wooden chair in the corner of a classroom. You notice the same girl from before, but this time, she's a bit older. She is sitting next to a familiar blue eyed boy. Both of them are doing work. The girl then looks over to a brown eyed boy. She smiles a silently giggles. You catch the look on the blue eyed boy'd face. His face is red and he is shaking. Blue eyes looks over to the brown eyed boy and secretly gives him a disgusted look.**
  7. "Whoa, watch where you're going _____."You snap out of your daydreaming. "Jacob, I have a question." "Shoot." Jacob says happily. "Are you still okay for our date? I mean it's not like I don't wanna go or anything it's ju-" "Shh. Yes. We still have our date. I'll drop you off at your house so we can both get ready, then I'll pick you up for dinner."
  8. Jacob drives you home. He gives you a kiss and drives away. You head inside and get washed up. When you are finished, you take a look at your self in a full length mirror. Unfortunately, you aren't satisfied and you kick the mirror. The mirror flips around and hits you in the nose and you black out. Lying on the floor, memories flood your helpless mind.
  9. **You are sitting on the playground grass. The same girl rolls under the playground laughing. She looks about 1 year older. The blue eyed boy is looking for the girl. When he finds her, he rolls under with the girl. The girl speaks, "Wanna make this our hiding spot?" The boy answers with a enormous smile and a nod.**
  10. **You are swinging on a porch swing. The blue eyed boy and the same girl are building a tree house. They both look like they are in the 5th grade. The girl is up on the tree hammering. She tries to get down to get more nails, but she slips and falls. Expecting to crash a painful landing, she closes her eyes. Instead, she is caught by the brown eyed boy. The girl's eyes are still closed, and she is holding onto the brown eyed boy. Her eyes slowly open and look up at who is holding her. The brown eyed boy blushes and gently puts the girl on the ground. After that he doesn't say anything and runs away.**
  11. **You are now standing behind a tree. You see a little boy trying to comfort a girl. He has forest green eyes. "Please don't cry." He says wiping away her tears. The boy thinks for a while. "Let me comfort you then." The boy leans over and gives the girl a kiss.**
  12. **You are now sitting You are now sitting on the playground next to the monkey bars. "Come on! I dared you!" an ocean color eyed boy yells at a blue eyed boy. The blue eyed boy looks scared to go arcoss the monkey bars. A glass green eyed boy gets impatient. He pushes the blue eyed boy. He hits the ground hard. Ocean eyes and glass eyes laugh at the blue eyed boy. During all of this, the girl is waiting for the dare to be over. Glass eyes wraps his arm around the girl and walks away.**
  13. You wake up. Someone is shaking you awake. "Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty!" Jacob says smiling. You blink rwice and try to get up. Your head feels light and the room spins. "No worries my princess! For I am your prince, and I will surely sweep you off your feet! Jacob picks you up and walks down the stairs.
  14. "Today, we are going to have a romantic picnic." he says proudly. "Really? Where?" "It's a place where we first kissed. Any guesses?"
  15. "I think I know, but I want you to tell me first." you say. "The clearing." he say mysteriously. You both laugh and he carries you all the way there.
  16. Hello! That's it for part 10! I hope you liked it! Please cheak out my new website! [no urls] Please have a look at the thanks for visiting paragraph! I have a few questions. Thanks! ps who are you loving?

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