John Mayer fanatics!

John Mayer is renowned for his virtuoso guitar laying, his thoughtful lyrics and his entertaining shows. But his real fans aren't content to let his music do the talking. They scout magazines, blogs, and YouTube for anything they can find on their guitar-god. These, my friend, are John Mayer fanatics.

John has sang that he wants to be bigger than his body, and by the legions of fans he has, most would say he has. Are you a John Mayer fanatic? There's only one way to find out...

Created by: polygot2000
  1. Let's start at the beginning...John has how many sibling(s)?
  2. John got interested in playing the guitar after watching which film?
  3. John was in a magnet school in high school. Its curriculum was geared towards what major?
  4. John briefly attended this college conservatory?
  5. In Atlanta, which club did John Mayer often play at?
  6. John dedicated his first Grammy to Annie Hoffman. Who was she?
  7. In his 2004 show, "John Mayer Has a Show," John dressed up as...?
  8. John got the attention of a lot of hip hop artists when he collaborated with which musician?
  9. For a brief period, John relaxed by vaporizing what substance?
  10. John wrote a column called "Music Lessons with John Mayer" for which men's magazine?

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