Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II

Many believe that Pope John Paul II will someday be known as St. John Paul the Great. Here are the Latin names of ten of his encyclicals. Can you identify what subject each one covers? This test can be kind of difficult, so be ready!

Pope John Paul II issued many encyclicals (also called "letters") during his reign. He covered many subjects of importance in the life of the Church. How much do you know about these encyclicals? Take the quiz to find out.

Created by: Lisa Graas of Parents' Duty
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  1. What is Redemptor Hominis?
  2. What is Dives in Misericordia?
  3. What is Laborem Exercens?
  4. What is Slavorum Apostoli?
  5. What is Dominum Et Vivificantum?
  6. What is Redemptoris Mater?
  7. What is Sollicitudo Rei Socialis?
  8. What is Redemptoris Missio?
  9. What is Evangelium Vitae?
  10. What is Fides Et Ratio?

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