How well do you know Josh Groban

The Grobanite is Josh Groban's most loyal fan. The one who spreads the word about him and his music. You love him for his music and his kind soul. You know almost everything there is to know about Josh Groban and are dedicated to his music and spreading the word about the Josh

Are you a Grobanite????? Do you know your Josh groban from your John Mayer? If so take this quiz and try out your knowledge in my quiz about how well you know Josh Groban.

Created by: Morgan

  1. What is josh Groban's full name?
  2. When is Josh's Birthday?
  3. What are Josh's parents names?
  4. What does he collect?
  5. What is his dogs name?
  6. What flavour icecream does he enjoy?
  7. What type of underwear does he wear?
  8. What does he wear to correct his vision problem?
  9. What type of car does he drive?
  10. What is his favourite disney movie?
  11. What is his favourite vegetable?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Josh Groban