How Josh are you?

There are many people in this world, but there are very few Josh's out there. Josh's are so super cool that they are few and far between. Josh's that are so super cool are a vary rare species and should be treated as coolly are possible.

Are you a Josh? Or do you think that you possess that special "it" factor that will make you a Josh? If you belive that you fit into thest guidelines then take the "How josh are you?" quiz!

Created by: Leaha

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  1. Who would you think of when you hear, "man that guy is totally awesome and hell damn ass cool?
  2. When going to China, What is something that you Must take with you?
  3. When going to church, who do you expect to see there?
  4. While at the park, What is Josh's main duty?
  5. While out on an adventure you encounter a bear, what do you do?
  6. When going to the opening night of the new Lord of the rings movie, Who would you most likely dress up as?
  7. According to Josh, which was the worst movie ever?
  8. When meeting up with Josh, what should you do?
  9. Josh Is most likely to be doing what on a weekday?
  10. What phrase best describes Josh?

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