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thanks for your time if you donated. And i am really super duper happy if you did. I will cry with tears of joy if more than fifthteen people donate. thanks.

I am serious about this. Lots of kids die of dieases and nobody deserves to die without seeing the world and its resources first. Neither does the cruelest person on earth!

Created by: WinxClubgirl

  1. hi,guys! so anyway, my school is funding for the American Heart Association. i need donations, so pay any donation.
  2. lots of kids are born with any kind of diease, but heart diease is mostly fatal.
  3. i am trying to raise up to 1000 dollars, and i really wanna help those kids.
  4. so i need two things for u to do.
  5. 1.please type in how much you will donate.
  6. 2. type in your email. i swear that will not hack onto ur account with your email.
  7. so ive talked about my things, now lets talk about yours
  8. so, do u have heart diease?
  9. having a good day?
  10. bye! and remeber 2 donate

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