It's a math quiz.

This is a math quiz. It's nothing impressive, obviously, as I am simply a bored high school student and I want to level up. These are a few simple problems off the top of my head. While some of the concepts may be a bit mature for a few of the many very young users who use this site, it's relatively easy if you just know the methods by which to solve these problems.

Honestly, I don't know how much I can say about a stupid math quiz. Just take the damn thing. Get it wrong or get it right, I really don't care. At this point, I'm just typing whatever BS comes to mind to meet the character requirement for this description. I'm also using a proxy that doesn't do javascript or whatever it is that shows the number of characters you have in a box, so I have no idea whether or not I've met it. I'm gonna say yes at this point. Bye.

Created by: The Coldest Sun

  1. 2+8=
  2. 3-98=
  3. |-45|+60=
  4. 7x4=
  5. .5x11=
  6. 5-4=
  7. The following statement is true: 5x=25 - - - - What is the value of x?
  8. 7+9=
  9. 3.8x100=
  10. 456-100+3=
  11. (2-3)(2+6)=
  12. 0x5+12=
  13. Angle= 45 degrees. Angle is:
  14. Angle= 102 degrees. Angle is:
  15. Angle= 98 degrees. Angle is:
  16. 5x7=
  17. 4+9=
  18. 17-9=
  19. 4x7+45=67-3466(351/908). What is the square root of 16?
  20. What is 6 squared?
  21. What is 2 cubed?
  22. 45/9=
  23. A square has a height of 5 and a width of 4. What is the perimeter?
  24. The following statement is true: 7+8n=71- - - - What is the value of n?

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