How to Tell if You Have a Bad Math Teacher

There are many bad math teachers, but do you want to know how bad yours is. What is a math teacher really? A math teacher is a teacher who teaches you math. Your math teacher should help you achieve your goals and achievements through help and support.

I was motivated to create this quiz because of my own math teacher. She does little to help improve you and your grades. When you take this quiz I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Weather its to see how bad your math teacher is or it's to find out if you have a good math teacher.

Created by: Hannah
  1. How often does your math teacher show slide shows?
  2. When does your math teacher review your homework?
  3. Does your math teacher review for tests and quizzes?
  4. Does your math teacher explain verbally or on the board?
  5. Does your math teacher stand while teaching?
  6. How often do you take quizzes/tests?
  7. Does your math teacher bend over to talk to you?
  8. Does your math teacher have a soft voice?
  9. Is your math teacher oblivious to everything going on in the room?
  10. Does your math teacher use the textbook or do they explain the lessons in their own way?

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