How mature are you?

There r many people that simply THINK they r mature and have people fooled...but by taking this quick and fun quiz u will truely know if u are a mature person or not.

Are YOU mature? Do u have the maturity to do mature things?!! Until now u could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz in just a few minutes u will find out.

Created by: julia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u like spongebob?
  2. Do u babysit?
  3. Are u allowed to stay home alone?
  4. What is your personality?
  5. How many friends do u have?
  6. If your a girl...have u ever had a boyfriend?
  7. If your a boy...have u ever had a girlfriend?
  8. What is a name u wish u had?
  9. Have u ever kissed ur bf/gf?
  10. How many siblings do u have?
  11. Are u responsible? (Be truthful)

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Quiz topic: How mature am I?