Are You Mature For Your Age?

There are many immature people, but few are mature. Being mature is fantastic. What does it mean to be mature. To be mature, you have to act your age.

Are YOU mature for your age? Do you have the maturity to qualify for that title. Until now you could only wonder. Thanks to this quiz you will find out.

Created by: Anna
  1. When you see your favourite kid show you:
  2. You see barney at the amusement park you:
  3. You are 14 and in an relationship that your parents don't know about:
  4. You get tickets to your favourite show but your parents say you can't go you:
  5. Your boyfriend dumps you because he doesn't "feel it" anymore you:
  6. Your body is mature now;so you:
  7. You see your favourite outfit at your favourite store it is $250 you:
  8. You lost your math textbook and you have to return it tomorrow you:
  9. Your sibling breaks your phone you:
  10. You failed your gym class; your parents want you to be a gym teacher you:
  11. Growing up has been hard but you think you will be successful:
  12. When you grow up you know you are gonna be:

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Quiz topic: Am I Mature For my Age?