How mature are you?

There are so many people in this world who think they know just how mature they are. this quiz will help you to decide just what you are. Are you willing to see your result?

if you are then you definatley have some guts. if not.... oh well. your loss. lets see if you got what it takes to take this quiz! dont forget to rate!

Created by: Trisha Angel
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  1. If you are in a fight with a friend, what do you do?
  2. You make a mistake that can get someone fired. What do you do?
  3. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you.
  4. You're at a party and you see a guy slip a roofie in a girls drink and no one noticed but you.
  5. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend wants a break.
  6. Someone wants to start drama with you for no reason.
  7. You hear a rumor about your best friend that isnt true.
  8. You start a rumor about a friend and he/she finds out and confronts you.
  9. You are babysitting and the child throws a tantrum.
  10. A family friend is leaving for the weekend and asks you to take care of her house and pet.
  11. You have an important essay due in English the next day.
  12. Did you like this quis?

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Quiz topic: How mature am I?