Which maturity age is yours?

There are many quizzes labeled, "How mature are you?" but this one is real. Find out which age your maturity level fits! Take this quiz and have fun!

How mature are you really? Are you fifteen or older? Or are you immature and irresponsible for your age? Well if you've always wanted to know then find out now!

Created by: Mercy
  1. You go shopping at the mall and buy...
  2. How well can you cook?
  3. Do you babysit?
  4. You have four ANNOYING little brothers who always have stupid arguments. How do you cope with them?
  5. Do have any guys that like you? Or have a crush on you? (if your a guy then put girl in for guy)
  6. In school you do...
  7. Can you read?
  8. Do you tell lies?
  9. What color is your bedroom?
  10. What are you doing in math?
  11. Summer camp!
  12. One of the 'in-crowd' comes up to you and says "Your jacket is so last year...how do you like being out of style?" You...
  13. What do you call a beautiful feline?
  14. Are you excited to see your score?

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Quiz topic: Which maturity age is mys?