Are you mature???

Well I created this quiz for fun and also for the main reason of having people step back and maybe looking at there character and there maturity level but either way having a respect for themselves!

Are you sure your mature? Are you sure your not to mature? Well this quiz is fun and reasonable for you to take... Take a peak at what you could potentially be in the scale of maturity... go ahead! The results are what you make of them!

Created by: Bre
  1. Do you argue with everything people tell you?
  2. Do you think of your self as the only one in the room, because your all that matters?
  3. Do you feel your a little wiser than your age would allow you to feel otherwise?
  4. Do you try acting older than you are?
  5. What animal represents you?
  6. what's your favorite store?
  7. What do you read?
  8. How do you acted in public?
  9. What do you believe in?
  10. Can you see the differece between mature and not mature?

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Quiz topic: Am I mature???