Mature or immature?

Two major 'personality traits' are when you become considered mature or immature. Sometimes both. Based on the actions and decisions you make, you can be considered one or the other.

Have you ever wondered whether or not you're considered mature or immature? Your answer may surprise you. Take the Mature or Immature quiz to find out!

Created by: tomboykaitie
  1. Someone just insulted your best friend.
  2. You get invited to a party but by someone you don't totally hate, but don't really like either.
  3. You are told to clean up the house or do your chores.
  4. Someone cuts in line at the store, when it's already really busy and the clerk is slow.
  5. You're always lending out paper and pencils at school/work, but the one day you need one in return, nobody helps you out.
  6. Your computer gets hacked.
  7. What do you normally do during fights?
  8. Are you easily offended?
  9. People keep bugging you. The next person that bugs you, you'll:
  10. Somebody gives you constructive critisim on your work, but it wasn't really fair.
  11. You get broken up with.
  12. What do you consider yourself?

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