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  • I have a MLP/Fallout Equestria OC, yes, I'm not seven!

    She's a mare that was raised in a small village close to the Everfree forest (not Ponyville), instead of most of the unicorn OCs she normally just uses her unicorn magic to grab things and lives a life as an potion and magic objects such as amulets and ancient books seller, she learned to make potions and spells with an older mare in her old village that was a healer, and yes, most of her potions are of cure, and as everyone has flaws and fears, she is clumsy and has fear of getting trapped in small places.

    (Sorry for long text )

  • My character (I haven't come up with a good name yet) somehow got 4%.

    He is utterly nonhumanoid and hails from a sub-dimensional asylum world known simply as the Psyche, and despite his downright scary looks and habit of vanishing in a mist of static, he's actually one of the "good guys". This is very unusual for Psygian creatures, and he's thus been outcasted.

    There is a prophecy that both refers to him as "the starved" and mentions him by name. It says that he, along with "the fallen, the shackled, and the bane" would "restart the multiverse", whatever that means.

    His powers also include teleportation and creepy mind-phasing illusory stuff.

  • I got 30%

    I have a my little pony oc that is not completely finished a earth pony that really wants to be a unicorn so my oc made a horn out of leaves and tree sap so there's still the hallo horn my oc has a chrus on Apple jack and thinks she doesn't notice but she does and she thinks it's cute so she lets him be because she doesn't want to give him a mental overload that was a bad day also he looks up to Trixie because he wants to be a unicorn he lives with cheerle because when he was little he lost his parents and lived like Aladdin in the start of the movie until cheerle found him unconscious on the playground in the school yard and saved him he's Best friend's with button mash and the kid with super teeth from the episode where the CMC get there cutie marks

    Sorry about the spelling and lack of punctuation hope it's not to hard to read

    • The hollow horn thing was a thing he used to have I forgot to take that part out and don't know how to edit it

  • Fifteen percent mary sue,I've been working hard on my characters development and back story and it seems to be paying off now yay. My oc is based on the warrior cats series it's a kitty pet who got abused by their ex two legs so they became a loner until they found another ex kitty pet and joined in a clan together. Cool quiz mate.

  • Ok Im not sure if my stuff counts for unusual magic. Basically, my character has been windstruck, which is what the people in my story call it when you are impacted by a wind spirit. Some of the signs of someone being windstruck is that they have hair that is various shades of grey, eyes that are Shirley shades of black, white, and grey, and they almost look as if there is some sort of light on them? I dont know how to describe it. They also gain some control over wind. Does this count as unusual magic or Marysue-ness?

    • By the way, this also applies for other elemtal spirits. The effects are different depending on the type of spirit, and windstruck is the most severe and noticeable.

  • My character is what i call a hybrid in the world he lives in,he is a human with animal parts(ears,tail,fangs etc) his name is Haruki! And its pretty hard to summarize his story,if you get interested by any chance ill be happy to tell you all about my Blond bean

  • Name: Alexia (Alex) Bell
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female

    Species: Angel (not what your thinking at all, it's pretty offensive and I don't want to get hate for it)

    Sexuality: Aromantic asexual
    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 130
    Eye color: Chocolate brown
    Hair color: Mousy brown
    Skin tone: Olive

    Body type: roundish, ovalish? (She's chubby but she's not extremely fat)

    Clothes: A baggy white jumpsuit (standard uniform of heaven)

    Extras: Giant poisonous barbs sticking out of her back (Every angel has them and it's what was mistaken for wings because they usually cover them up with white veils)

    Disorders: PTSD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, stress eating

    Personality: Anxious, sarcastic, blunt, manipulative, genius, protective, sometimes rude and sometimes nice (it really depends on her mood)

    • This is a very interesting OC! Id love to read about her.

  • My OC Lullaby is the angel of dreams. She is very mysterious because she doesn't often talk, and sometimes she seems sad for no apparent reason. She likes to save, protect, and raise children who have been abused, orphaned, neglected, etc. Often tears will fall down her face. People don't know why it happens, but it does because all the nightmares of children are locked away inside her, so they don't get to them.

    Mizuki Koneko
  • Got a random idea to make an apocalypse story, but mixed up different ones so... AU within an AU. One of the main characters is Jack, or Jackson. I tried to make his family life a little different, so he has adoptive parents, but they're pretty chill and his parents are relatively unknown and don't come in later. Any advice on something I could do to make him a better character/any of my other characters? it would be really helpful if so, thank you!

    • I think just be original. And make sure it has some logic and explaination behind that. I had this question before writing a story as well, had many advises. But I am glad that I just decided to be original.

  • Huh, I'm surprised I did well, since my character is a Hetalia oc (don't bash me, it's not ship fodder), and the characters are supposed to be weird, or abnormal-

    Like how America has super strength, or how Russia's heart can pop out of his chest. And how the personifications are ageless to a certain point. All without magic XD

  • Interesting. i base mine off of some of the strangest dreams of mine. However, studying dream psychology helps in finding out why I have such dreams of my character...and even becoming said character! As random and as illogical as they may be I am assured that they all have an important message that i can now know.

    • Interesing

  • 6%

    my character Nova is someone with the powers of hell (actually pretty common), specifically the ability to manipulate fire (again common in the world) and she was abandoned by her birth parents because there is a prejudice against people with her power and raised by Lady Death, her mother, who treats her as a weapon for self-preservation. She is pan, sleeps with anyone and has a ton of repressed anger issues and the inability of let go of s---

  • Thank you for your praise, Darth Vader! May the force be with you!

    Apollo's Daughter, that sound very interesting; I love dream stories! I'd love to write some of my own, but my dreams turn out a bit too whimsical to make very good material.

    Much accolades to anyone who has taken this quiz! Keep writing, all!

    -Her Grace

  • Oof ok here we fitzroy is my character shes one of the leaders of a militant group fighting against this pmc in attempts to force them out of her city shes violent and cocky laughing at death wielding a large knife at all times...she watched her friends die and she will make the pmc pay for it

  • Hey, everyone! It's the quizmaker here! Thanks so much for takinga gander at my quiz. Just took it myself--Got 9%. =) See you around!

    --Her Grace Killjoy Rainbow, Dutchess of Antarctica, Commander of the Grammar Ninjas, Unicorn Lover, Proud Accordion Player.

  • Dang. I keep getting a lot of really good answers, and I'm definitely proud about it, but I worry I need to be a little more... Well, Mary Sue about it. This is a great quiz, though! Even for fanfiction, it seems. I hope. Probably.

  • 7%. That's good because I based this story that I'm writing off of a dream that I had, so they have no magical powers, or anything like that, and they try to help people, but the government is hunting them down.

    I liked this quiz.

  • My OC iaveh is a witch upclass in a delinquent story. Her brother was killed, and she killed a maid. The authority doesnt care about it because they say the law doesnt apply to witches, because they are really competitive and kill each other constantly. Because of this, one of her eyes is a rose. 21% Mary Sue tho, Im really happy!

  • my charecter is a kind of water spirt (child of water god)but they are non bianary so i didnt know what to put for the gender part? i got 20% so id say thats good

    (also sorry for the bad spelling) (if anyone is interested i could write more?)

    jazzy cat
  • For #38, I think you should add something about the character not starting fights, but if they get in one, they'll finish it. Other than that, this test is really accurate!

  • Apparently I have to make my OC more stereotypical? There are no stereotypes in the world that my OC lives in, any suggestions about what else I can do?

  • This is a great quiz, some of the questions were really funny lol. I got 6%... Wow. That's less than I thought I would get!!

  • my OC, Foxina, is half fox half human, though in her world that's normal. she has fire magic and healing magic that are rare but do happen in her world.

  • 20%? ok. I wasn't expecting to get that high anyway.

  • Your Character is -0% Mary Sue!

    Um... I'm not joking. Why did this happen? O_O

    Pony Plorta

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