Is your heart hard, true, soft, or fake

This may not be good but tell me what I did wrong so I wont do the same later. I need to know every person's personalty so I might add you to a quiz im making trust me Im doing my best and if you seen the deamon or the demon eyes (fergot name) leve it im not going to continue.

This quizs to determon what your heart is. Maybe at the end you will under stand what I ment and if not then good luck ask some one who do. At the end read what I have to say ok?

Created by: Icis82
  1. im going to ask you what if question ok
  2. Lets say........ An old man in an aly ask you for some money or food you:
  3. ...... As walk home you see a house on fire a little girl is still inside but the cops not there yet you
  4. Some one comes in your house and kills your family but dont know you are there you
  5. You are in a mall. You see a little boy lost looking for his mom you
  6. You walk in the woods and find a baby fox on the ground lost you (the mom is dead)
  7. Your friend died and you were invited you go and:
  8. If you had a dream it will have-
  9. If you were a cop and a killer surenders what do you do? (be truthful)
  10. We are now done And this is for me k? How can I get an acount where I can save my quizs?
  11. Please tell me in comment And some other quizs(adventure no love) that I can make need all opinons boys and girls

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Quiz topic: Is my heart hard, true, soft, or fake